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More Meteorite Fun!! Meteorite Levitation Revealed!!

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Hi all,

Here is my latest video, It is "Meteorite Identification" part 2

These videos are meant to be very basic, so don't be surprised that they are. I am dealing with the youtube crowd, and they are eager to learn but know very little about meteorites.

Thanks to everyone on this list that sent me pictures to use. I really appreciate it! Oh ya, this video also answers the question. "How was the meteorite levitaion done?"

Meteorite I.D. How to tell if you have a Meteorite! (part 2)


Meteorite I.D. How to tell if you have a Meteorite! (part 1)


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Well info info info i need more more more hay thanks agen loks as thou im starttign to under stand liek 3-- pages of web readdign latter good info there thanks agen hope to see you out in the fild some day so i can thank you in persion

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