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Mystery Meteorite Contest

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Hello everyone,

I am holding a contest to give a meteorite away. the prize is pictured below. You will have to guess the mystery meteorite. to get clues of the mystery meteorite you have to find and use the clues. The rules and an explanation on how to play is on my site, follow the link. Here is a link:





Good Luck

Good Luck to all,

Joe K

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I just wanted to announce that a member came up with the correct answer to the mystery meteorite.

There is still the bonus prize that anyone can win, you do not need to know anything about meteorites. All you have to do is hunt for hidden links/clues. If you go to the contest thread you will see how to hunt.

The prize will be worth the hunt, I would say it is better than the Campo slice as the main prize.

Best Wishes,

Joe K

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