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Franconia Hunt 9/22 & 9/23

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First Franconia hunt of the season and I managed to have a nice haul! :woohoo:

After seeing Ben and Erik’s Holbrook hunt post (your guys rocked it!), I was really pumped up and ready to abuse Franconia. The drive out on Friday night I came through some pretty gnarly rain and lightning. However the weather didn't discourage me because I was a man on a mission determined to come home with something. I met up with Ben and Erik early Saturday morning and we started out hunting in the rain. The rain eventually stopped and the rest of the weekend was gorgeous weather.

During the weekend we came across three sidewinders (Stan watch out!) laying out soaking up the sun and we ran into Rob Matson and Greg Stanley. Ben just bought a new signal enhancer and the thing must have been working great because he was deafer than a post with his headphones on. Erik had to throw rocks at him to get his attention because screaming at him just wasn't working. :laught16:

Erik did exceptionally well even though he could only use his small 4" x 6" coil because his others were messed up. The kid still managed to have a nice haul even though he wasn't covering a lot of ground. Way to go Erik! :whoopie:

Here's my totals for the weekend-

8 Chondrites- 29.3g, 10.8g, 7.8g, 6.6g, 3.1g, 1.2g, 1.1g, and 0.92g

25 Irons- 5.5g

33 finds totaling 66.32 grams

Ben and Erik thanks for the food, beer, and coffee guys! Good people and good times, I'm happy we all managed to come home with some nice finds. It's always a pleasure to hunt with you two!

Next stop..... Gold Basin and I'm looking forward to it!




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link to a blurry video of del's 30g find.

link to What franconia looked like at 6am on that rainy saturday morning

note* this video contains no meteorite finds.

Del! that iron with the flow lines is beautiful!

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I was worried about the rain and you guys being out there..............

I was watching the storms on radar and was a little concerned....

Glad you folks had a great time.

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Nice haul guys! :woohoo:

Yes, I did see one snake but he wont be going anywhere soon. :hmmmmmm:

That horny toad sure looks familiar too! I ran into a couple of them guys sitting on rocks.

Going to definitely have to go back and get me some chrondites. Irons are fun BUT they need to be measured in grams not grains.

Glad to see you guys didnt let the weather get you down. I missed everything from the day before as the wind started to get crazy about 4pm. You guys take care and I will be running into y'all soon.


Stan aka Kaimi :ph34r2:

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Thanks for the responses guys! I had to revise the weight totals because I forgot the paper I wrote everything down on when I orginally posted this.

Dang Erik those pics turned out very nice and thanks for posting the video up on youtube Ben.

I have to say my favorite find between all three of us is the 1/2 grammer Ben found. To find a Chondrite that small requires a finely tuned ear and lots of skill.

I'm still amazed with Eriks finds, he was using a small 4" x 6" coil and he still managed to do very good. Erik how many did you find visually?


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GREAT JOB GUYS! Hey Erik Im heading out there Friday night, for the weekend if your up for another trip? I work until 6pm friday evening and then going from work to there do let me know if your dad is available too.!

i have a football game to take pics of on friday. =\

but i don't know yet if we are doing anything this weekend

because my dad might have work?

i'll know tonight


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