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Gold Basin 9/23

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Going out to GB in the morning and see how things are out there. I'll have my son with me, and we'll be searching for meteorites,or what ever. I'll be in the Silver F-150, with NV plates if anyone is around. Take care, Jason. :;):

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Hi gang, well our trip to GB was great!!! One could probably not have asked for a nicer day than today. It was 73 degrees, a cool breeze, and gorgeous out there. My son had a blast, digging, chasing lizards and looking for meteorites, not to mention, quartz, iron stone and everything else at GB. We ended up bringing home two pieces, 5.1 grams for the small one and 45.5 grams for the big one (50.6 grams total) :ROFL: . All-in-all a great day to spend outdoors with my son, now if I can only get my daughters interested, not to mention the wife :tisc-tisc: :Huh_anim]: :laught16: :innocent0009: .........Jason. :;):




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Way to go Jason! Looks like you havn't lost your touch. Keep it up and who knows what you will find next.

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Mike, nice finds to you too!!! Looks like Ruben taught you guys well, dry lakes, Glorieta, GB and Franconia, man you guys are hard to keep up with :wubu: :whoopie: . I wouldn't mind hunting Glorieta in the near future :innocent0009: ...but I'm sure the weather needs to cooperate due to the altitude. Hope to see you out there, (changing jobs one last time in the AF, so it might be a bit harder to get out in the field :grrr01: :PO2: ). Jason :;):

Yeah, Brayden is chomping at the bit to use the dry washer, I told him once the ground drys out we can try it...oh, what have I created????

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