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Do Meteorites, Music and Humor go together?

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Hi All,

After about 6 weeks of putting my first meteorite

hunting video on youtube.com I've had well over 20,000

views (all my videos combined)

I know from loads of email that I'm receiving daily

that most of my viewers are coming from somewhere

other than this forum.

Most of the emails are from people that know very

little about meteorites or meteorite hunting.

I'm trying to be more entertaining and also more


In this latest video I try to mix, Music and a little

Humor with some very basic meteorite information.

Here it is,


Your comments are welcome!

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GReat Video, enjoyed itvery much, now If I can just get my guitar to sound like that..... :laught16:

Yes I got a guitar,and try to play, but I have hunted meteroite better than I play the guitar :Huh_anim]: .

Keep up the great work......lots of good info there.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for it relay helped. not to mention i got a gm3 video to day all in all a good day .. I have learned so much in the passed week my brain going to go in overload mode but i cant stop reading darn it lol. You all have help so much and all i can say is thank you>>>>>

Hi all,

Nate this video was made for you! (And anyone else just starting this great hobby)

Geez, maybe I should teach guitar too! (I'm kidding) I used to be a professional musician though. It taught me how to go hungry!

Hey Eric,

Congrats on the awesome holbrooks!

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Hi all,

Regarding my latest video, "Meteorite I.D. How to tell if you have a Meteorite! (part 1)"

I recieved emails asking if I'm correct about the meteorite expanding in cold and contracting in heat. Yes I am! However, it is water that has found its way onto (or into) the meteorite that actually causes this reaction!

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