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Pictures of meteorite crater/Puno /Peru

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Hola forists. Last Saturday ( 09/15/07 ), at noon, a big bolide hitted the ground in the region of Puno, Peru, leaving this wide hole , that you can see in the pictures. Boiling water came out at the crater´s bottom. Many village and police people got sick when they reached the crater.

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Is anyone actually planning a trip there? And what about samples? If it was a meteorite where are photos of samples?

I've seen tons of photos of the crater but none of any samples found. Were there any meteorites found yet, or is that still in the works?


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This link will answer a few questions.


That puddle of water would be just the spot for another Fruit Of The Loom commercial, what say......John B. :poke: Probably more hospitable than Oman. :;):


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PERUVIAN METEORITE UPDATE: On Sept. 15th, a fireball streaked across the skies of Peru and soon thereafter a watery crater was discovered by local residents near the town of Carancas. At first experts dismissed the connection; the crater didn't look like a meteorite impact. But since then minds have changed:

"Without reservation this is definitely a meteorite," says

astronomy professor Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario. "We found some infrasound data recorded by a station in La Paz about 70 km away. From the size of the the airwave we can work out the kinetic energy of the impactor--about 0.03 kton TNT."

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"Something like 20 to 30 kg of the meteorite have already been recovered, but odds are good a multi-ton monster lurks at the bottom of the crater," he continues. "The bad news: It is below the water table, the rainy season is coming and unless some action is taken ASAP, the rock will quickly oxidize and crumble." [more]

Meanwhile, he says, "we are digging for seismic data of the actual impact--the first actual seismic recording of a terrestrial meteorite impact!" Stay tuned.

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They ran radar over the hole, pictures indicated no mass left. I believe, if I understand it correctly, the impactor penetrated to a point into the earth before basically being destroyed by the energy released by the impact. Ejecta was thrown out as a result of that explosion, some bits of the impactor survived whether all those bits picked up were part of ejecta or not is not clear to me. This taint official, just my 2 cents.


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That's somewhat surprising. After all this talk about whether to excavate the crater or leave the main mass intact, it turns out there never was a main mass to begin with. I'm assuming by radar by mean a GPR unit.


I was going off memory of something I saw a month or so back when scouring the INGEMMET site. Yes, I believe the article was reporting that they had built a wooden platform to cross the crater and that is what they supported the GPR unit with. I saw the graph they posted. "No anomalies found" I think it said in the report that went with the graph. Something like that anyhow. My memory is not what it use to be, don't hold my feet in the fire if I'm wrong.


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I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I believe and so do other people that there is a main mass buried in the Carancas. I had some discussions with Dr. Nunez de Prado in Puno and Lima and we both came to the conclusion that a mass of about 1 meter in width is buried some meters below the surface. More on this can be found at:


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I just wonder about the limitations of that GPR unit. Perhaps the "main mass" was broken up into many small pieces from shock when it impacted. Maybe that particular GPR unit wasn't able to pick up anything because the mass was all broken into small pieces and couldn't indentify it as a single piece.

Just like some Pulse Induction units are unable to pick up certain types of gold because of the porous nature of the specimen.


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Here is the report I was referring to in my earlier posts on this. Just took me a while to remember where I saw it.

a Google translated part of the .pdf document found on this link: http://www.ingemmet.gob.pe/archivos/bol_in...ivos/nov_07.pdf

"The Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute as institution

Tion national geoscience and in coordination with the Go -

Ernment Regional Puno and the Commonwealth of Carancas has

Conducted a geophysical prospecting with a team

GPR - GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) area

Carancas crater caused by the impact of a weather -

Rite on 15 September last. Investigations by the

Part of INGEMMET, were led by Dr. Hernando

Nunez del Prado and dr. Marius Ramirez Cardona, research

Ers at the University of Pachuca Hidalgo-to-Mexico

Collaboration Engineer geophysicist Walter Pari Pinto.

The field work was carried out during the day 27

October. We employed computer GeoRadar press EKKO

PRO, with antennae frequency 200 MHz reaching

Until 4. 5 m depth and frequency antennas

100 Mhz of reaching up to 9 m deep. It

Had to manufacture a small platform and trunks

Woods with the help of the community of Carancas to

Pass the team on the water in the crater. It is a network design

No. 6-oriented lines - S, E - Or, NE - SO and NO - SE

About each other and cross-longitu

Ties run of 33 and 50 metres. We have

Radargramas obtained the corresponding show

Clearly the appearance of the basement after the impact,

Showing dramatic deformations of the ground-arci

Lloso to a depth of 9 m. Unable

Specify any anomalies that may indicate the presence

Of a foreign body in depth. The conclusion des -

After analyzing the images which is not observed-ningú

Nu significant anomaly is that there are no fragments

Large meteorite buried, as some suggest


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