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Holbrook Sunday

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After reading about Doug's nice Holbrook find, we were fired up to add to the stones that we had found there previously. Because of obligations we only had Sunday to hunt. On the way to holbrook we first spent a few hours hunting at a dry lake in that part of the state but, we didn't make any finds there, so we grabbed a snack for the road and headed for Holbrook, our primary target. We arrived about 11:45 am so we only had four and a quarter hours to hunt before we needed to start the long trip back to Phoenix. Once out in the field, it only took my son Erik, half an hour to make his first find, a nice chunky 9.2 gram regmaglypted stone. It wasn't long after, that he found a very pretty elongated 7.9 gram stone, my personal favorite of this hunt. Meanwhile, rather large, rolling, thunderstorms started to move through our area. Luckily, we only caught the edge of the storms and a little rain but, with all the lightning, we knew that have to make a run for the truck at any time. At least the clouds made the hunting easier on the eyes and the wind made the ninety-five degrees feel much cooler. Erik went on to find a 2.1 gram stone and later, a 2 gram beauty. It was getting late and I was beginning to think that I was going to get skunked, when I took a turn in the grass and I (finally) saw one. A close look confirmed that it wasn't just another sun-blacked bunny turd. It was a cute little 0.7 gram stone with flow lines. Just when I'm going to call out - hey, I found one, Erik yells "I found one. No, two. No three. No four. Hey, there's a whole bunch". So I go over to where Erik is kneeling over his "mini-gold rush", and there's all these different-sized fragments in a two or three foot radius. After he picked the larger pieces out of the sand, he 'stirred" the area with a magnet and recovered many smaller fragments. This stone must have shattered on impact or been stepped on by range cattle that frequent the area. The total from this "splatter" was 26.7 grams, wow! Talk about being outclassed. It didn't matter, we were both pretty exited by this find. We had rainstorms off and on all the way home, and although we had put in seven hours of highway driving, we still managed to eke out more than 48 grams of Holbrook material. I want to thank the people who post their finds on the forum; it always gets us motivated!



dry lake


dry lake



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Ben & Erik,

WTG guys, that is one super few hours that you put in hunting that difficult strewnfield. Most meteorite hunters have no idea how hard it is to find even one bunny turd sized piece up there, let alone 48 grams in multiple pieces. Eagle eye Erik strikes again...... :whoopie: Your pictures and slide show are really good. Thanks for sharing......


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Thank you! It's Nice to put in work and get beautiful rewards for it!

I wish i could work in the ASU dep. of Meteoritics when i get older.

That would be a cool job.

Franconia is next on the hit list this month =]


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Great finds Erik!

Get's me motivated for sure. I was in Arizona a couple weeks ago but passed up a chance to hunt Holbrrok, and hunted Franconia for a couple hours instead. Now I wish I had gone. I looked down the road though as I crossed the overpasson I40! :) lol

Happy Hunting!



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Hi gang, well I finally made it to Holbrook and my hats are off to all of you who have hunted there. I was there about 4 hours and didn't find any meteorites. I guess I didn't go far enough, in one direction or the either. I did find a few pieces of petrified wood, some cool stones and a bunch of cow patties, bunny pellets, and sticker bushes. Maybe another time, when I have a better idea of where to go, then I'll get lucky. But for now, it was fun and I had a great time. Oh, BTW, the temp when I started hunting at 0600am was a cool 36 degrees.....burrrrrrrrrr :Huh_anim]: :nutty: Jason :;):

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Well this goes to show that we ALL need to keep an eye on Erik this weekend. :Huh_anim]: I wonder what size jar he will be packing for his finds? :hmmmmmm:

Nice job guy, now cut your dad some slack and let him find a couple! :rofl2:

Aloha and see ya this weekend,

Stan aka Kaimi

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