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Help on a gm3 and a cool story


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OK let me frist ask the questions thin ill tell a good story now i got a gm3 Is there any one out there that can help with the how to for setting it up to detect right ? and yea uits much better than the bh :) so any info can help me with the gm3 will be nice.

Ok now for this story i cant bleave. I as most of you know hada bh md and well yea so i wint on a search to day to get a new md i found a gm3 on a web sight well ill email em see if thay still got it arouns 6th i receave a email with a phone number so i call it. Guy says on outhere side yea i got it 125$ im like omg thanking to my self thats a seal. So i go out to met this guy long drive latter we met up he there with the gm3 and well im likeing it he pulls outa bottle with some coins iron metors and he sead let test it out so he runs it over the gound a few times works like a dream. we sit back chatting for about a houer about findes and stuff after i paded him 115 for it yea 115 so im happy anyways and i lookded down on the gound he had not picked up a meator he sead to me here you keep this i sead are you shure he was like yea convsation peace he wint on to tell me where it came from its the Argentina meator that haag was trying to sell well part of it and i took some pic of it yea to my asmasmet and here are the pics guys i hope this story help you all couse it was a good luck day for me



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