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Yucca Downpour

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Hi all

Yucca just north of franconia took a 1 inch bath in less than 15 mins awhile ago. This might include Franconia. We had a dandy also in Dolan Springs an hour ago. Please be careful if going to the North side or crossing Franconia Wash as the weather is very bad even with the small cells. Believe GB also had the same as here in Dolan as the cell came from that direction.

Wayne :icon_mrgreen:

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Hi Wayne how are you? Yeah yesterday I was heading out to do a little bit of dry lake bed hunting and I hit a heavy downpour on the way out by Mojave. I decided it might not be a good idea to head out on a dry lake bed after a downpour. A little bit of common sense can go a long way especially when tromping around out in the desert.


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Hello Dell and Flak

Hope you guys are doing good. I have been out of the fields as the weather is a bit on the shakey side here. Looked like Franconia took a real blast last night. And the road into GB is still so slow getting out if the big one hits I would rather not stay the night trying to get out. Think I'll hang around looking for new ground until this new threat goes by this week. Found this nice mess in Doland Springs today and have the trash Cops coming tomorrow. These people are so demented I found all kinds of paper work and signed docs with P.O. box and the address in the mess to nail them for the $1000.00 fine. To bad it looks like they are on welfare (But they sure eat good) and have plenty of diapers. :laught16: Still no excuse.

Take Care



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Wayne stick it to those people! Littering is my biggest pet peeve; it totally disgusts me when I see crap like that out there. I just think its absurd because the least those people could do is find a dumpster and throw their crap in there.

Yeah the weather was pretty bad out here in So. Cal. this past weekend. We even had a couple of tornados out here in the Antelope Valley-


I was on my way out again on Saturday and when I got to Mojave I realized I forgot my cooler. Turned around starting heading back to my sister's house when all of a sudden I noticed this S shaped "thing" coming down from the clouds. I pointed it out to the guy I was with and said "oh man that has to be a tornado!” They guy thought it was a dust devil, but I told him "no.... dust devils don't come down from the clouds and they're not S shaped. Trust me I've wasted enough time watching the Discovery Channel to know what they look like". After a minute or so, it slowly dissipated away. The next day it was in the local newspaper and apparently it touched down right in the middle of Rosamond, took down a few telephone poles and even a threw a trailer some distance. I really wished I would have had a camera to snap a pick of it!


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