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1cm scale cubes

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Hello everyone,

I have been looking all over for a 1cm scale cube. I can't find any anywhere, only cheap plastic or rubber ones. I had some 1cm black Nickel coated Neodymium magnets made into 1cm scale cubes for meteorite photos. I have some available now if you are interested.

If you are interested here is a link:

1cm Scale Cubes

Best Wishes,

Joe Kerchner

SkyRock Cafe

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Hello everyone,

These are the first 1cm Scale cubes made from Neodymium Magnets for the purpose of taking photos of meteorites. These are grade N35 and are coated with black nickel. I had these specially made to my specs. These are available for $10 each.

The reason I chose Grade N35 is so that that do not smack the meteorite or any other metal with enough force to shatter them, if they were any higher they would not last. These should last many years. The reason I chose the black nickel coating is so that it will not create a glare in the photos like a silver one would.

I am looking into having the standard 6 letters T,B,N,S,E,W. I am working on a way to make it so they do not get worn away over time. Neodymium is hard to engrave and shatters when struck with the force it would take to use a punch. Which is why I am only selling them for $10 each right now, once I succeed in getting letters on them that will be durable enough to last the life of the cube, they will be $20 each.


Joe K

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I am going to stop selling these as of right now. I do not want anyone getting their electronics ruined and the chances are too great with these. here is a comment from a list member:

I see no practical reason to have a scale cube

made of magnetic material. Out in the field, it

would have to be isolated from any electronic

devices like GPS units, cell phones digital

cameras and laptop computers. A magnet of this

size and power can ruin electronic devices

containing chips and other sensitive components

quite easily. Back home, in the lab or in the

studio, the same situation exists. Very often, I

get my camera really close to a specimen and I

wouldn't want to put an expensive camera at risk

by using a scale cube that is also a neodymium

magnet. Seems like an avoidable accident just waiting to happen.

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Don't heed the words of that genius Joe.

I use a 1"x2"x1/2" neo magnet on my pick

for finding irons at franconia fast without

having to go through a dig pile handfull by handfull.

On my right side i have my camera and my gps on my belt [cell in right pocket].

On my left side I have a pick holder with the pick and the magnet.

i also have the magnet when i dry lake hunt or hunt by eye

and when i dont have a detector i always have my ipod

and never ever am i stupid enough to have the magnet close to

my ipod, gps, phone or camera.

this guy needs to get with the digital age and get a high megapixle camera

that can take shots from 3-10 feet away and still be able to have high definition

on something the size of a marble.

most people have their camera/gps in thier back backs

and you can throw the scale cube on your belt buckle. That way your

back pack is on the complete other side of your body.

the pull of a one centimeter neo cube is nothing compaired to my

2"x1"x1/2" neo.

And who has thier lap top in the field? really? the only time when one

is meteorite hunting and would need a laptop would be if you

where using ground penatrating radar which really isn't cost effective

for any strewn field including canyon diablo and the brennam field.

"A magnet of this

size and power can ruin electronic devices

containing chips and other sensitive components

quite easily"

yeah... no. size and power? a one centimeter cube? bahahaha! rofl!

What are you doing putting your credit cards/cameras/gps/phones/laptops/memory cards/other electronics near magnets?

This guy sounds like a critic from a reality tv show.

Great idea Joe, there will always be critics, remember that.


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I watched an episode of Mythbusters where they purposely tried to wipe information off a credit card with a magnet. It can be done intentionally but ONLY with a VERY strong magnet almost touching it. Personally I don't think you have anything to worry about. :twocents:


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No Yea or Nay here, just my personal field experience. I have a 2" x 1" x 1/2" Neo magnet on my pick most of the time, also have a spare one in the bottom of my hydration/possibles pack. When meteorite hunting, I have a strong telescoping Neo-magnet meteorite cane that I carry. I carry my GPS unit and digital camera in the top part of my pack, they are at least 6" or more from my spare magnet. I carry my cell phone either on my belt clip or back pack bib clip. Many times I have had the large magnet in my front pocket (same side as billfold) no damage to cards. The magnet did however adhere me to the side of my truck pinching some flesh in the process. One time I had dumped contents of pocket into hat, which put billfold next to magnet......No damage !! I am quite sure that down thru the years at one time or another my camera and gps unit has either made contact or been very close to these large magnets. It has not been a constant worry for me in the field even though I am quite aware of the warnings by the manufactures of these products.

My heart doctor keeps telling me that I need a defibrillator installed, if I take his advice on this matter, I am quite sure that you will not find a large Neo magnet in my shirt pocket. On my pick and meteorite cane.....Yes


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Maybe the best way to get correct information about this issue is from someone who sells these fantastic magnets.

K&J Magnetics


John G

Yes, when placed near a CRT ALL magnets will distort the electron gun emissions toward the magnet and pacemakers "can" be effected but it is rare with modern devices. Swallowing more than one is another bad idea! Magnetic media can be damaged also but is also rare. I have even purposely tried to mass destroy floppy's and hard drive media disks with strong neo's with minimal luck. A torch works much better. Magnetic tape in VCR's is easily messed up with them as are the older 5.25" floppy's. Credit cards are pretty hard to mess up with one but can be done by vigorously rubbing the magnet over the magnet strip. Some real fun times can be had be re-energizing those anti theft tags on items you buy that the store clerk passes over the "magic" de-activator. Save them and rub a neo mag over it back and forth a couple of times then hide it in the bottom of your spouses purse. DING goes the transmitter at the stores exit door....

BTW, if you need a little entertainment take your super duper neo (I have one that will hold 100 lbs) to the local video game hangout of the local punk kids and walk past any punked out youth banging the buttons on some popular video game and watch his face when the monitor starts to follow you around the place. Good fun!

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