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Meteor Shower

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Hello All

Haven't heard much about the shower. I went out in the yard and viewed from 12:30 to 5:30 am. :zapped: The count was 106 from Dolan Springs with a lot of light polution. The Persids were not as good as I had hoped however the incoming from every other direction made up for it. There was not a degree that was not covered . Missed a bunch as well as I could not keep up with them at times. Had a burst of 3 come in to the same point from the east, west and south. This was a dandy display. :whoopie: I only wished I had documented the directions but my trusty side kick was getting her beauty sleep. :laught16::zzzzz: :opps:


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I have to agree, this years event was not near as good as the last one. The sightings were somewhat far apart and short in duration. I did enjoy watching, got a real good kink in my neck. Should have just thrown a sleeping bag down on the lawn and watched till I fell asleep.

:hmmmmmm: :unsure: Da little green ones, they are out there somewhere......WATCHING........ :icon_mrgreen: :;):


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Hi Jim

I think a barber chair might be in order. :laught16: My neck has been bad ever since. And dizzy when I got out of my chair. This may be a challenging sport with lots of training involved. :laught16::laught16: :banged:

See Ya Bye


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