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Gold Basin Meteorite Hunt

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Hi All,

Here's a link to this past weekends Gold Basin Hunt.

Just a few pictures of us as we found some cool

meteorites. We ventured into the Gold Basin strewn

field to film another episode for Ruben's Hunting

Grounds. An article in, http://www.meteorite-times.com

I arrived late, by the time I was ready to go Mike and

Paul had already found 3 each. We only hunted for

about 5-6 hours. No bad!

Take a look,


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Ruben, tried the link, but it wasn't working. Looks like Yahoo is closing it's door to photos on Sept 20th :grrr01: :shrug: . So much for a good thing, right. I'm sure Mike and Paul were there before the rooster was even awake. Take care and Happy Hunting!!! Jason :;):

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I was just thinking back about a year and a half.

Isn't that when Jayray, Goldman Mike and Paul

came down with meteorite fever?

Since then, these three have just torn up those strewn fields.

Very impressive and dedicated work.

You too Mr. Meteorite.

Nice going guys,

I look forward to my first meteorite hunt later this year.


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Ruben, thanks for the preview!!!!! Boy that's get your blood flowing...I'm ready. Well sort of, may be in another two weeks! Thanks again, and nice meteorites!!!! :wubu: :WOW::ROFL: :zapped: Jason :;):

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Hi All

You know it never ceases to amaze me that anyone would go into the field without a map. Seems some would rather risk life and limb. Huh!! (UNC RON). Once I even stared down the barrel of an idiot who said he had bought my property.(Not) He was a mile off, had a nice map, to bad he could not read it. I have posted before on this subject of lot stakes being run over and pulled out in Gold Basin. The trash is starting to pile up from some individuals and that may be just kids partying in the area. However some owners in the area are concerned about those that would hunt on private property. Recently a Landrover was driving all over the area shooting at anything that moved. I did not realize I was parked in a depression as the bullets were flying all around me and beat it back to the Tracker and honked the horn while they were reloading. The few residents out there know where the BLM ground is and are block watching the rest.

The GREY is Private

The Blue is Fed or State Lands

The Green is BLM

The Blocks are sections 640 acres and 1 mile across Approx.

This map is on the house.



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I think I gonna have to get my eyes checked. On that map, I see green as Lake Mead National Recreation Area which is a National park. Grey as patented or private land, brown as public land administered by BLM and blue as State land. That little red dot just a ways up Catfish street is my favorite meteorite patch......... :shhhhh: :opps:

BTW, that is a nice map of the area.


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Hi Mike,

Although I may have talked to you about where you might go to look for a meteorite,

there are very few people that have the patience and the

talent to go and do as well as you and Paul have done.

I have seen you detect - you are very good at what you do.

Looking forward to seeing more finds.

All the best,


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Thanks for the kind words Flak.

On that map above. Is catfish st really Greggs hideout rd, or is it more to the east?

Google earth said its C-139 and Greggs hideout rd. :confused0092:

My AZ delorme atlas & gazetteer calls it antares rd. :confused0013:

Wish there is some kind of way to over lay google earth with what is private and BLM. I know how to read a gps.

Here the thing, with out trying to sound like a big jerk. If someone is going to try and shoot me for just walking on there

property I hope they get me with there first shoot. I will definitely throw some lead back there way.

Better yet I will take (Joeforthegold) out there with me, that guy can really throw some lead. :laught16:

But seriously I really dont want to trespass on someones property, I would rather hunt on BLM and be safe.

Thanks for any info on the maps.


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