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Fusion crust

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Hola forist. Here we have a NWA unc met, 93.5 grams, and we wonder if it has a weathered or sand blasted FC, or still has rests of an even FC. Below, a first picture of the whole specimen ; the second picture is of a close up of a still blackish area.

Hasta la vista,




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I'm not sure but sand blasted ones look kinda pollished right?

it looks like maybe both?

I only have like 5 NWA's and i have never

heard anything on what weather looks like

depending on if it was water or sand blasted.

i hope you figure it out


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Hola Vd.,

the second picture has little spots of rust and sand grains in the

stress cracks so it is deffinitely weathered.

it might be a recent fall like the last 200 years

but who knows?

that is only known by the sand mongers and

camel jockies who roam those parts

of the desert.

tough people.


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