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Hi All

If you know enough people, the news stories never stop. A friend of mine in Lake Havasu recently heard a thump on his roof. He assumed it was the kids next door that hit a ball or something. Didn't pay any attention to it. A day or so later he was out in his yard and found the flare with the trigger device not quite open enough to set it off. :yikes: Believe it or not, he still has not picked it up. I told him to place a heavy steel bucket on it with multiple rocks. My wife and I found one of the triggers on Red Lake not too long ago. I explained to him he had better check out his neighbors or other enemies as this is a great way to have your home burned. Just goes to show you one never knows what may land in your area. Maybe someone has some input on this one. There are plenty of refueling ops and military fly-bys over Havasu.





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Will probably be down your way in October, perhaps for the planned Gold Basin outing. Hope to

connect with you then. I'm better prepared this year so I can stay a little longer and get around a

little better. And yes, the wife is also ready to hit the casino. --Perry--

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