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Stolen meteorites at Venezuela Custom offices

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Saludos forists. Some meteorites we have bought to Mr. Notkin have been stolen at the beggining of July, at our country by custom agents ( don´t know if civilian or military ). We were notified of its arrival, have to pay extra taxes and later, the custom agency just wrote to us to apologyze for what have happened to our property and that our money will be refounded. At our request of what have happened, we have not recieved any answer . It seems the items were robbed by inside custom agents.

We will upload the pictures of the items, two 500 grams lots of NWA unc meteorites , and one nice Campo del Cielo iron....

Please, if in case anyone see the items on Ebay or are offered them for a deal, you now know the are stolen meteorites.

What a bad day for us..

Hasta la vista,





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It's a shame when you cant even trust your own government agencies to see that their employees will work with " Honor ". Sorry for your loss and hope that sooner that later justice will take place and you get your spacerocks back.

It's getting now so tht Meteorites are just as valuable as Gold in some collectible circles.

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

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When our daughter lived in Colombia she warned us never, EVER, to send anything to her through the mail. Instead, private delivery companies such as DSL (best reputation at the time in Colombia, at least) were fairly reliable, though pricey.

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Hola Micro Nugget. Thanks for your reply. The matter is that we use a private delivery company and always say to the sellers, not to insert in the shipping box or envelope, the Ebay prices of the won bidding, and to write that they are stones for lab. test.

This only time, we don´t know how they ( custom agents ) guessed the price ( if more than US $ 100, we have to pay taxes ).

What we believe is that some person really knew they were meteorites and decided to stole them, even after we were notified and paid taxes. Untill today 08/07/07, we have recieved no answer to many mails sent to the custom agency that dealed with our merchandise.

No hope to recover them....but Mr. Notkin wrote us to see how we can again recieve similar material by another private delivery company, when we recieve our money back.

Happily, last friday one slice of NWA 4528 met, did arrive safe to our home....it is a 50 gram + slice in an envelope...not a box with 1,176 grams of meteorites that a corrupted custom agent decided to stole.

Hasta la vista,


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