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You may or may not get a reply to your question, this topic is 5 to 7 years old, the reply you quoted is 7 years old, however that member is still active on the forum but it has been about 3 months since he visited the forum.

can we send this query to his email if you have it ??

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Hi Guys:

If anyone is serious about getting the simplicity gold refining system from Shorinternational- I can put you in touch with someone that can tell you how to make the unit for $300.00. Not only that - you won't have to pay the ridiculous prices for the common chemicals used in it.

Send a pm if interested...


can we send this query to his email if you have it ??

In the quoted post and subject matter you're interested in.... Steve A.K.A. Goldfinger said....."Send a pm if interested...", a PM if you're not aware is a private message via this forum, to send a PM if you don't know how to do it, hold your cursor over his username, "Goldfinger" and a "popup window" will appear, under his Avatar photo are 2 options/links, click on..."Send Message", a popup PM message box will appear, be sure to enter the subject of the PM in the "Subject" box and then type in your message, then click "Send", Steve should be notified of your message via an email from the forum or he should see it if he visits the forum and hopefully he will respond to your message, if he doesn't reply within a week or so let me know in this topic or by PM and I will try and contact him and direct him to your question.

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I would really appreciate that. pls see if you can contact him. Theres no reply since long.

I have sent Steve A.K.A. Goldfinger an email with your request/question.

I'm have no way of knowing if his email address we have on file for this forum is still valid or not, if he contacts me I will let you know or he may just reply in this topic if the email address is still a valid email address.

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Steve, A.K.A. Gold finger has replied to my email, due to health issues he is unable at this time to visit the forum to reply.

Here's a short excerpt from his email explaining as best as he could remember about the "someone" he was referring to on the Shor Refining System DIY, unfortunately it has been many years since he offered to put anyone in contact with the "someone" that he doesn't remember exactly who the person is any longer, but you may be able to follow what Steve said in the email and find the person yourself.....here's the excerpt..

"......It took me a awhile to recall that post. As I remember, I joined the

and posed a few questions on that forum about the "Shor System". One of the members contacted me via pm and informed me he would charge me a one time consulting fee of $300.00. In return, he would provide me ALL the operational details on this system like equipment, formulas, generic chemicals,etc. I think that was for 6 months of consultation. I never did take him up on the offer since I wasn't really interested in getting into it. I simply can't remember his user name anymore but he was a very prominent member and frequent poster.
The only thing I can suggest is you have this guy join that forum and have him ask the members if anyone could help him set up a generic "shor system". Hopefully that member will contact him and make to same deal to him as he did to me.

That post was 6 or 7 years old so it's possible the technology has changed to something better.........Some careful research will required before taking the steps to actually buy anything."

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