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Glorieta/Franconia/Canyon Diablo for sale

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Hi all,

Its been a few months since I last posted here. I have

been out(again)doing what I love to do, which is hunt

meteorites. I've been documenting most hunts on video

in order to post (some of them) on you tube later. I

have made a lot of good finds recently (many on

camera) and so I am making room for some of them by

selling off some of my collection.

If you don't see what you are looking for I have more

of each that I didn't have time to photograph and


Link to Glorieta Meteorites $10-$15 per gram!


Link to Canyon Diablo Meteorites with Hole


Link to Campo Meteorites with Hole


Link to Franconia Meteorite


I decided to list on ebay what I don't sell over then next 24 hours. I'll pay freight on all meteorites sold here.

Email me with any questions!

Ruben Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona


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Hi Ruben,

Welcome back and good to hear you are still at it... Missed having your input. Lost your phone # when my other phone went swimming so I wasn't able to annoy ya either :laught16:

Give a call some time, Bill

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Hi Ruben,

I have been eagerly awaiting your return. It is good to see you are back doing what you love. When are you going to post another article in Meteorite Times Magazine online? I keep checking back, but all I ever see is your intro page. Hopefully you haven't abandoned the project. I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to learning more from one of the best. Your articles are always so insightful and a pleasure to read. It is good to hear you are still finding space rocks; I look forward to seeing some pics. Take care.


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Hi Scott,

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!!! Mike Morgan, Paul and I have been out hunting and we filmed our latest adventure. I'm working on another article for meteorite-times and this video will hopefully go along with it. This weekend we've already had success at Gold Basin and red Lake.

Stay tuned!

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