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Franconia 7/13-15/07

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It felt good to get back to franconia after 6 weeks! It was pretty cool at night.

We cleaned up pretty good for a night hunt.

I ended up with 9 stones at a total weight of 194 grams.

My largest was a 64.1 gram individual and my smallest was a tiny 0.4 gram

stone i found by sight.

My dad had 3 stones at a total of 13.7 grams.

he also had 4.25 grams in irons, the largest at 1.5 grams.

man some people missed some spots.





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You Guys did real good. :whoopie: :whoopie: Mr Rattle Dude looks like a Sidewinder I could not make out the horns. You are pretty much dark of the Moon. How was the light?

Good Job. :yourock:


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We came across the sidewinder at about 7:00 am while hiking back out to the truck on saturday morning, so I thought we'd have him pose for pictures. Did you notice the large Franconia chondrite in the picture with the rattler? That one is an 88.1 grammer that Erik found during the friday night hunt. Check it out.


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Hi Ben

I was so into looking at the type of feller he was I missed the Frag. Need to get new glasses I guess. Seems there are a few Sidewinders on the north side. Good thing they are less hostile than the Green's and have pretty good attitudes. Bet it did not say much. You guys did well on your trip.


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Way to go guys, nice haul! Dang I wish I didn't strain my neck last week or I would have been out there hunting with you guys. :grrr01: I'm so itchin to go out there and hunt.


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Nice haul guys? :brows:

Cute snake. Hmm do they really taste like chicken? :idea:

Will probably hunt the first day it gets under 100.

Until then, Be Safe Out There.

Aloha for now,

Kaimi aka Stan :banged:

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