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FOR SALE : Uruacu Whole Specimens

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I have 7 whole specimens of Uruacu available for sale at $1 per gram

They range from 85 grams up to around 400 grams

I have soaked them in a NaOH solution for a week and nothing came out so they are very stable.

They have a brownish material on the surface but it's not rust, I soaked one in Naval Jelly and it had no effect on it, if it were rust it would have cleaned it up pretty good.

I do have a cleaning process that removes most of this weathered material and once I'm done they have a very nice crust, here's a picture of an 85 gram specimen:


There is no oil or anything to make it shiny, it's just the way it looks.

If you're interested in a whole specimen send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com and let me know what your interested in.

If you want to include your phone number I will be glad to give you a call to discuss exactly what your looking for.


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Just wanted to update this post

I processed a 1kg rock and it's all gone, that was what I sent to most of the people on this forum.

I have most of the 7kg rock cut up and I have sold more then half of it, the rest of the slices and end cuts are waiting to be etched.

Once that's gone I will just have the smaller specimens to process so the peices I curently have for sale are probally the largest will be avilable.

Here are 3 end cuts that are for sale, once they are finished they will be $1 per gram

A - Cut on 3 sides

B - Cut on 4 sides

C - Cut on 2 sides


D is cut on 2 sides and has a very deep etch that is unique but not for everyone so I will let it go for 75 cents per gram


I also have a variety of whole specimens in the following gram weights: 66, 75, 149, 171, 237, 263, 324, 370, 372 & 399

They look great once they are cleaned up, here is a picture of an 85 gram specimen that's sold


If you are interested in any of these pieces or a slice contact me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com

I can provide you with more images and I would even be willing to etch any of the end cuts if you're seriously interested.

By the way:

The machinist that mills my rough cores into a rough spheres went through 4 inserts before he gave up on this material

The rough is currently at the sphere shop I use for chondrites, they are going to try and hand grind it to 50mm

I have every confidence that they will get the job done.

But if you're thinking about buying an end cut to cut into slices bear in mind that a standard band saw will have a very difficult time cutting this material.

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