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Bouse Strewn Field

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Hi everyone. I talked to my old partner last night and he said that the strewn field is east of town. I've attached a google Earth picture of the Apox. area given to me by him. Hope this helps. George told me that the locals have been finding some nice pieces.


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That area is probably one of the hottest deserts in our state. With record heat right now, I hope you have a lot of water and are in extremely good physical condition, otherwise you could parish out there right now. Best to hunt that area in the winter months.

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Thank you for your concern. I'll plan to hit the sand early in the a.m. I'll see how hot is gets, and if I can't handle it, I'll go have about a 3 hour lunch in Bouse until it cools down. I always go well prepared with lots of water.

I am set on going, there isn't much that will change my mind :POsmiley01: ; if anyone wants to make sure I stay really safe, you could give me perfect coordinates to the known location of the strewnfield so I don't waste valuable energy trying to find it :laught16::laught16: .

Take care,


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"Bouse until it cools down". :laught16: This is expecially funny. "Cools" shouldn't even be used in the same sentence as "Bouse". The heat may relent a little at night, but it is still HOT. :laught16:

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