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How Russians etching huge slabs of iron meteorite Seymchan

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Hi Ivan,

You have done a great job with the camera work in capturing how to etch a large iron meteorite. I like how you have posted it on the web too. It sure doesn't look like a healthy process for the environment or for your friend who is working with the nitric acid. I don't know from experience, but I have read in this forum that nitric acid is really bad for your body. Here are a few sentences from the posts,

"you should be wearing rubber gloves. The brown stain of your fingers is from the nitric acid going INTO your skin. Nitric no matter how diluted is not good for the body! It goes into your Liver, not a good thing."

"Those brown spots are from me spilling 100% nitric acid, after I took off my gloves, I touched the bottle wich still had acid on it, it turned my hands brown. Will it do much damage if I do not wear gloves when it is at 10%? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't wear gloves."

"Yes, even a small level of exposure is bad. It is accumulative which means once it gets into your body it never leaves."

(Pardon me for not posting the authors of the above sentences; if anyone wants to be recognized let me know and I will post your name)

Once again Ivan, good job on your part, but I am worried about your friends health. You should suggest that he wears rubber gloves.

Take care,


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I thought I was pushing it by not wearing gloves and getting a few drops on me. These guys are pouring it all over their hands, That has to burn. I sure hope that is a super weak solution. No ventalation, that is very very dangerous. I now wear glove even when I pick up the bottle of acid.

What is the percent of nitric acid that you are using?

Best Wishes,

Joe Kerchner

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Morning SoCalNovice.........I remember the quote you posted.....some good advice from well.......

meaning friends..........about 10 days ago the plastic bottle I had my Nitric stored in disintegrated

when I reached above my head for it on a shelf.......I got a show from head to feet.........just

now the skin is starting to peel off..........since I was standing next to a large wash basin with the

water running I got it diluted really quick and the did the bicarbonate of soda wash also.........

still every inch where the Nitric hit turned yellow.........

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Did you happen to put some used acid back into the bottle? I did that and my plastic bottle pretty much blew up, it expanded so much it ripped holes in the side and sprayed out acid all over my bedroom when nobody was home. I hope that you are ok and I hope that not too much stuff got ruined. When it happened to me it ruined a bunch of my electronics and photos.

Best Wishes,

Joe Kerchner

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