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Shooting the stars...

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Hi Gang!!! I figured if I can't be searching for the stars, the next best thing was to shoot them :innocent0009: , sort of. Not much of a camera set-up over here, but it got the job done. Hope the heat isn't getting you fella's down, it was 133 in the shade :angry-smiley-010: a few days back. Staying in doors and keeping cool. Take care, Jason :;):


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Hi Jason

I've been shootin the moon for a long time now :innocent0002: !! The ol back side is tannin up nicely ! :laught16: ! You stay safe and don't trust none of those locals :tisc-tisc: !!! I have a little experience in the neiborhood :angry-smiley-010: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Hi Ya Jason,

Good to see you are still stargazing. Nice picture and looking forward to your getting back to the states! 133 degrees :Huh_anim]: Man and I'm sniveling about a measley 112 here in AZ....


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Aloha Jason,

Good to hear from you again. Well, at least you are getting some great training with the heat. Once you get back 112 should be a piece of cake for you out here.

Keep safe and see you soon.

Aloha for now, Stan aka Kaimi

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