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Please read!

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Please read this information and think about giving these guys some help.

I am asking because I am doing my share to help.

I have never found a meteorite yet...but this here, is worth more to me then finding one now. This area one of the worlds biggest meteorite finds area in the USA and is legendary for it's finds..Lets help these people rebuild and bring back their joy and what gives them their fame in this world!Donations are welcomed and you can buy tickets to win a fundraiser gift also.I am buying a ticket and sending a item or so for the fundraiser.Thank you in your effort.

This will also hopefully get meteorite hunting a name.... Get it recognized that we are hunters and we love what we do and want it to thrive into the future because we care about our world and what we can do to help everyone and it's future.


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Hello Starcatcher,

Thanks for the shout-out for the fundraiser!

Details about Greensburg and donating can also be found at the following topic: Greensburg Fundraiser

Here's just a small sampling of the prizes and the hand-blown antique temporary "raffle drum":


Front: 44.2g crusted Gao, 9.1g Gao, 50g melt-in-your-hand Canyon Diablo, three scale cubes, 37.8g Mckinney, 17g Two-Dot

Back: Three great meteorite books, the first Meteorite! magazine, and the temporary "raffle drum"

If you'd like to look at all of the prizes -- there are over 50 of them -- please go to: http://www.aerolite.org/events/greensburg-raffle.htm

The drawing is a little more than two weeks away on July 7th. The residents of Greensburg can certainly use the donations so please buy some tickets to help them out.

Please feel free to contact me with questions,



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