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To File or Not To File: Thats my question...

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Does anyone else have any input/consensus on using a file to open an window? How does that affect potential value? A lot of you experienced posters have recommended it so I assume its fairly commonplace. But knowing nothing of meteorites I want to be careful not to get too trigger happy on advice.

For those who have suggested it(most of you), I'm not doubting, your just working with someone who is clueless in this area and grinding on a perfectly good rock seem inherently against my nuggetshooting personality.

If I open one, how big of a window to open?

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Hi Mag ( real name unknown)

A small window will in no way harm it's value other than the loss of weight in material usually less than a gram and that is big grinding :confused0013: . If this is a new find and not found where others have already been found and you place it in the hands of a university for classification :smrt1: . It will get a good slice taken out of it at least 20 grams for study and archiving :shrug: . They prefer to have a cut of the unweathered exterior for testing :hmmmmmm: . Most collectors (consumimg paying public) expect that or will slice thier pieces to see the interior since the exteriors are changed so much by ablation and or weathering :flasher: . If your scared to window or grind a little on it or don't want to let it get cut up for classification or pairing :Huh_anim]: ?? Then it's just another butt ugly rock that maybe a space rock ( the desert is loaded with them ) :angry-smiley-010: !! Just what ever you do don't let Boba Debt desicrate it by turning it into a tennis ball :laught16: !!! Happy Huntin John B.

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The little area that you did a scratch test on would be good, I would just wear down the small point/edge, (or an area that isn't too obvious and could be "filed" without removing a bunch. Just enough to see the glint of metal, no more would really be needed right now in my humble opinion. Or you could even maybe just use a little sandpaper glued to a block for minimal abrasion, but more removal might be required depending on how much it's weathered I suppose (judging from the photo of dwheadstone). I guess John B and dwheadstone already pretty much said it, the normal way to find out if it's a meteorite is to get past the exterior. :1153:


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Keep in mind that a real tiny window may not reveal the metal specks in a weathered low metal chondrite as well as a high metal chondrite. I personally file at least 1/4 inch square window, a little at a time, stop if well defined metal specks are encountered.

Hope that yours is a M-rite.......


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