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Gold Basin

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Me and Paul made it out to gold basin Saturday, at about 12:00 midnight for a night hunt :icon_mrgreen: .

I got lucky, only about 12 min in to the hunt I found my first piece. Hunted till sun up, will

Paul did I took a 1 hour nap( I was on the broad lol ). Decided to move to a new place to hunt.

This is funny, 15 min into the new hunting area. I do what every guy does in the morning and

took a little pee pee :laught16: . If I had went about a foot and a half to the right I would have pee right on

a meteorite :laught16: . So watch where you pee :ROFL: .

By now it was getting hot, and Paul had not found one. We decided to move again. About 5 min

into the new area Paul found one.

I guess the lesson we learn is that if you dont find one in 15 min move to a new area :laught16: .

My scale is broken, I guess the first one to be about 170 grams and the 2nd to be about 120 grams




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I concur, Nice!!!!

You guys are doing great! We're going to have to hire someone to... you know... SLOW YOU TWO DOWN :laught16: :innocent0009: . Or better yet, we could get our butts in gear and catch up to you!

Way to go guys!!!


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