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Don,s Iron...

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Hello All,

Just had to share this beautiful piece of meteorite that showed up in my mail this week. Thanks Don!

I would like more info if available yet? Is this being classified? Or do you need it to be classified?




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Now you now what I mean about the "wiggles and giggles" when you get something that's un

expected and beautiful...............

Here's the classification: Classification (M. E. Zucolotto, MNRJ; J. Wasson UCLA): cohenite-schreibersite-rich iron. Bulk composition: Co = 0.46%, Ni = 6.43%, Ga = 89.6 ppm, As = 11.6 ppm, Ir = 3.36 ppm, Au = 1.46 ppm. The composition is indistinguishable from Campo del Cielo. Specimens: type specimen, mass (2), MNRJ, Brazil; main mass: Mr. Carvalho, mass (1) and (4).

It also refers to Meteorite Bulletin # 86, don't know what that's about. :shrug:

It's name is: Uruacu :confused0013:

Now about that three mile hike across two streams, thick matted jungle, and up hill that you

couldn't even see the top of in the rain........... :rainyday:

been carrying Nitroglycerin tablets in my pocket since 2004 and when I started up that friggin hill

I popped the first one just in case............... :zapped:

if your interested in the gps coords for Google Earth here they are: 14°31.671'S, 048°45.485'W

sad part about this particular site is I've heard that the owner is still in the hospital in the state

capitol and probably won't be returning alive............

now the very unsociable son is in charge along with his uncle who is also anti-social..........

so on their behalf enjoy their contribution to society............. :laught16:

BTW Bill, how much gold was in that thing? Amazing what you can see when the light is just

right.......... :ROFL:

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