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How to find a strewn field!

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I am interested in finding a strewn field. Big surprise right... I am sure we all would like to find one. I hereby humbly request any and all input as to how someone could find one. I am sure hard work, sweat, and tears are a major factor but how about tips and tricks. What ideas have you come up with to streamline the process?

It seems most strewn fields were happened upon by people hunting for gold with their detectors. I don't prospect for gold but does it just take walking miles and miles and miles in the desert in places others have not been to find a strewn field? I am looking at a map of Arizona that shows where meteorites have been found. It looks like most have been found on or near mountain ranges??

I am also looking for cool ideas like helicopter rides, using a telescope from the top of a mountain, using a black light to find them, etc. Let me know if you have any good ones that may just take a little field work to see if they are feasible. Use me as your tool; I will provide the hard labor for your ideas. I am willing to cut you in on the action if I find a field using your idea.

Let me know what you think. If you have a secret idea you don't want to share with everyone PM me.

If nothing else, this should at least get our brains thinking METEORITES again!



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How about triangulation of three cameras viewing a certain area looking for new falls. Maybe rent a small piece of property from three parties to set up permanent cameras that can be viewed from a remote location via the Internet or something. If a meteorite is seen and looks to have hit the earth, the cameras should narrow down the search area quite a bit.

I would be willing to share the cost with anyone who is interested in pursuing an idea like this one. We could start our own search team and work together to accomplish bigger things than finding tiny leftovers from strewn fields that have been picked over for years.

Just my :twocents: .


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