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Hi Marni

I have to agree with Bill that your space rock looks more like a magnatite nugget :confused0013: . But it's really hard to tell from your picture :shrug: . Magnatite and hemitite are terrestrial iron ore and generally very soft leaving a reddish brown streak when rubbing on the back of a tile or underside of a toilet tank lid. Another way to tell is by grinding a small edge and look for free metal. Using sand paper or a file grind off a tiny spot on the edge. It should be or have specks of bright shiney silver in color metal even in shaded light. Kinda like the difference in the look of gold and fools gold. Gold will maintain its shine in shaded non reflective light and fools gold won't. There is a few meteorites that were found n/w of Tucson sooo if your nuggets aren't space rocks don't give up the search. A good place to see some real space rocks is the Mineral Museum in the basement of the Flandrau Planetarium on campus at the U of A. 3 blocks south of Speedway on Cherry Blvd. I think thier info phone number is 621-STAR !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Thanks for the input.....I will check out the place on speedway.....we also had someone tell us about a guy in picture rocks where we live....has a place and collects meteorites so I am going to check it out first since it is closer..... will try and get a better pic.....

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