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Meteorite Testing Kits

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Hi Everyone:

Anyone know of any good meteorite testing kits that you can purchase someplace? Most of them test for the presence of nickel but not how much which is why they're worthless. I'm looking for something that can not only detect nickel but also tell you what % it contains.


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Best Meterorite test I had was John B or PaleFace :laught16::laught16::laught16:

Just walk up and go " ISTHIS ONE"

Most of the time I get told "NOPE"........ :laught16::laught16:

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A spectometer is a little too pricey for casual use. I was thinking more in the line of reagents. Different reagents would give different colors based on % nickel content. All you would need is a good scale- some graduated plastic burettes and perhaps a few other pieces of inexpensive equipment.


I don't think doing a nickel assay is quite the same as the gold assays were used to seeing. I think it's more complicated.


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