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Franconia hunt

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Did a franconia hunt this Saturday :icon_mrgreen: . Got out there at 2:00pm HOT! The plan was to wait till about 5:00pm to start hunting and go all night. I waited for about 15min :laught16: . About 3 hours in to it, I found my biggest franconia to date 226.8 grams. I had to tell some one, I was so exacted I called Paul, who was not able to make it out. I said it has to be 150g+. I sent him a pic on the cell phone. 2 1/2 hours later at about 9:00pm here comes Paul pulling in to where I was parked :laught16: . He even brought a large pizza :whoopie: ,we ate that in like 2min flat. I think we hunted till about 2:30am, took a cat nap and got back at it till 9:00am.

My take was

1. 226.8 gram

2. 48.6 gram

3. 23.0 gram

4. 11.2 gram

5. 6.7 gram

6. 5.3 gram

7. 1.0 gram

8. 3 little irons total .09 gram

I think Paul got about 7 or so pieces.

You just got to love Franconia, it keeps on giving.






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Ya buddy, I think it was a little less than 2 1/2 hours but whos counting :innocent0002: :innocent0009: I couldnt let you have all the fun :angry-smiley-010: . Night hunts are the way to go its so quiet and peacefull................... untill you hear your buddy screaming and pulling his pants down, only to find he had a nice little ant join him in his trousers :laught16::laught16: . I hope the bites werent as painfull as they sounded :tisc-tisc: :innocent0009: Well all in all it was good fun and we found some meteorites too.

Nice piece mikey, my guess was 228 grams in the field, guess i had better work on my estimating a little more :laught16:

I found all 5 of my chondrites in a little patch about 10 x 10 with dig holes all around it :confused0013: one was litterally 8 inches from a dig hole :angry-smiley-010:. just my good fortune i guess? The other 2 were train wreck parts or shrapnel or what ever there called now :laught16:

I hope the day never comes when good ole franconia gets cleaned out! Its a great place to go get a fix after walking endless miles on dry lake beds finding squat :laught16: I guess its good exercise, but with all the walking i have done recently how come im still a lard a__ oops children may be reading this sorry kiddies.

Is this a great pastime or what!!!!!!!!!


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Mike & Paul,

WTG guys, yep.........had heard before that those ants get kinda feisty after the sun goes down... :unsure: :brows: .. Did the kit fox come in for a pizza snack? 226 grams is one heck of a nice chunk and I am sure that there is a 500+ grammer still out there with one of your names on it.


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hey Jim,

No the kit fox didnt pay a visit this time, at least not that I noticed. I was running on auto pilot most of the time though. I often close my eyes and just walk and swing my detector until I hear a signal or trip over a rock or bush :laught16:


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Way to go guys!

You cease to amaze me... oh, and make me look bad too :laught16: ! I have developed a love/hate relationship for you two :laught16: :hmmmmmm: :bowdown: . Keep up the good work.

Take care and congrats again!


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Guest EARL

Way to go Mike :whoopie: That is a nice piece looks like it has some primary fusion crust on it as well as second. Night hunts are fun. I will never forget the one we did together. Had alot of fun. Take Care.

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Nice haul guys!

Got out yesterday and crossed the tracks at 6:45am and returned about 3:30pm. Filled my camelback with gatorade and took an extra gallon already frozen for a later sip. HA! Didn't take long for it to melt tho.

Found me a few irons and a couple of small chrondites in a section hunted before with dig holes all over the place. Got to move SLOW and LOW fellows! Nothing even in the hundred gram scale tho. Biggest iron was 2 grams and the biggest chrondite was 19.3 grams.

Found me two pieces of chrondites that are so small I took them for irons at first until I got home and really took a hard look at them.

Work calls and I will be away for a couple of weeks. Can hardly wait to get back for a Franconia fix.

Aloha for now, Stan aka Kaimi

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Man, that ant got me good :PO2: . 3 times be for I got him good :fighting0030: . I still have nice little red welts on my leg.

Earl, Got to love night hunts :innocent0009: Let me know when you would like to do a night

hunt I am always game :unsure: :laught16: .

Kaimi, nice going. Thats what I like about franconia, if you put in a good day you dont

get skunked like you can on dry lake beds.


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Mike & Paul, I think you guys should do an outdoor show, called the "Mike & Paul Show, live from Franconia", teaching new and old guys the tricks of the trade...WTG!!!!! :ROFL::laught16: I guess it's going to take me a month or so to retune my ears for the wee woo sound :headphones: ...already went through withdrawls, now it's at the acceptence stage of not swinging a detector :Huh_anim]: . Congrads on the finds again. Jason :;):

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