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I have a number of auctions going on right now and for about a week more. I have a lot of nice

non NWA items for your consideration. Included in these auctions are:

Richfield, Ks 24 grams, LL3.7,

Zag 18 grams, H3-6,

Powellsville, Ohio 3.14 grams, H5,

My New Meteorite Dry product for keeping meteorites protected in display cases.

Other notable auctions are for a part slice Georgetown Iron 15 grams,

NWA 2871 an acapulcoite,

Fairfield, Ohio IIICD,

and large (really large) Allende, Mexico 1,222 grams,

Brahine endpiece 5180 grams,

Sculptured Gibeon 18,614 grams,

Millbillillie, Australia 365 grams, whole stone

Murchison, Australia 108 grams. mostly whole stone, oriented

I know that many of the items just above are high end items but

hey it's fun to look.

See details here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfsooZ1QQfsopZ1...ttmetQQsbrsrtZd

Thank-you for looking and your time!

--AL Mitterling

Mitterling Meteorites

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