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Pleasure to met you and Thank you for the info.

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Stan and Del -

It was a pleasure to meet you. And to all the others, Thank You for your advice on what to expect and how to set the detectors.

Treasure Seekers of San Diego had 23 members out there during the weekend. I believe everyone found something. Now only to figure out where they are!

And yes, one of our members did find a nice size gold nugget. Blake for some reason can ALWAYS find gold no matter where he goes. He just has the luck. We have another member of the club that is the same way. Must be nice!

In talking with the people that did show up - we are going to plan another trip out there, but when it is cooler for us 'coastal' folks. And a trip where all of us will camp in the field. (Gee and I used to live in Pahrump for 10 years - would figure that I would be used to the heat.)

Most of us searched the south end and I believe that a hand full went over to the north side for a little bit.

Again - Thank you for all your information and I look forward to reading about everyone's finds -


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