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My dad wanted me to post some pics of the trip we took a few weekends ago to a dry lake in souther arizona.

It was pretty secluded and barely had any tire marks.

We didn't turn up any meteorites but

we know where not to find them lol.


Just click the picture and the slideshow will open.


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Hey Erik,

I am no expert on dry lakes but I have learned a thing or two. Maybe I can help you for a change. Keep in mind that dry lakes with the right conditions are very active not stationary as most think. Meteorites that have been found near the middle of dry lakes most likely didn't just fall there, they have been transported there over time. In my experience, they are usually first transported to the lake through flood waters flowing from the mountains, then during the winter months they are transported across the lake through "ice rafting (ice freezes around rocks and picks them up, wind pushes the ice across the lake, and when the ice melts it drops the rocks in the new location)"; Bob Verish wrote a article for Meteorite Times On-line (under Bob's Findings) that explains this occurrence in more depth.

Next time you go to a dry lake, look for areas of the lake that have rocks accumulated in one area. It helps to follow the drag marks the rocks made from ice rafting. Follow where the drag marks go and where they came from as that is where the meteorites came from and where they have been transported to. Of course, some meteorites could have just landed in the middle of the lake but most likely not.

I hope this helps all of those out there wanting to have a game plan when hitting a dry lake. Well, the secret is out, go get'um hunters.


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Thanks scott, I'll think about that next time im on a dry lake. I like hunting franconia more. its more of a challenge and the curve is harder.

Plus its boring on dry lakes unless i have my ipod lol.

But i am hitting some hidden dry lakes in the futures so

hopefully i'll have compiled tips into a strategy.


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