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Hi all,

We have started a collect funds for the town of Greensburg. These guys lost everything and we are trying to raise some fast cash to help. I just got off the phone with Steve arnold and he is driving there now and will pick up Mark. We already have $ 900.00 to hand out to help the residents. I will be offering a couple slices of New Nevada Meteorites for the auction.




Email from Geoff Notkin to Meteorite-List

Dear Listees:

The international Meteorite Community joined together in the fall of 2005 to raise an amazing $12,437.49 for victims of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. All of those funds were donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief work in and around New Orleans.

As you well know, the small Kansas farm town of Greensburg was largely destroyed on Friday evening and we're asking you to join in and help us, once again, with another fundraiser.

Greensburg isn't just any town. Steve "Brenham" Arnold has (or had) a home there, and he and his colleagues have made many real friends in the area. Greensburg is the nearest sizeable town to the Brenham strewnfield, and it was our temporary home while filming the "Cash and Treasures" and "Wired Science" TV shows. For decades it has been home to H.O. Stockwell's mighty 1,000-lb Brenham meteorite find, a charming local museum, and many hardworking rural farming families.

Kiowa County has been very good to Steve, myself, many of our colleagues, and to the meteorite community, and we intend to help them now in their hour of need. To that end we are putting together a fundraiser and are looking at some form of charity raffle. We will be asking for donations of meteorites and meteorite-related items for that raffle. Donations and contributions are tax deductible.

We are also asking for cash donations, and those donations will count towards raffle tickets, or similar. The people in Greensburg need help NOW and so we ask any concerned parties to send what they can today and we'll work out the details (raffle tickets, etc.) later.

Maria Haas, who impeccably managed our fundraisers for the Schiff family and the Branch family will once again be handling all of the finances.

Our man in Wichita, Mark Bostick, is coordinating locally and -- along with Steve -- looking at the most effective ways to get funds into the hands of people who need assistance. I will be putting together a comprehensive web page with donated items for the raffle and other info related to the effort.

We already have over $500 pledged, and that was just from the first three people who stepped up (thank you Sonny and Chicago Steve). Please contribute anything you can to Maria, and send donations (meteorites, etc.) for the raffle to me -- or better yet, take a nice photo and email that to me. We'll let you know where to send the actual item(s) later.

More details as we get them.

Yours respectfully,

Greensburg Fundraiser 2007

Sonny Clary

Mark Bostick

Maria Haas

Anne Black

Steve "Brenham" Arnold

Geoff Notkin

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Hello Everyone,

Also, anyone wishing to donate funds may do so through my Paypal account at dragonsoup@msn.com. Please contact me privately for my mailing address if you prefer not to use Paypal.

Your support is welcome and appreciated,


aka RockGirlsRock

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Mark bostick's email

Hello everyone,

First, I would like to thank those that have contributed to the joint effort

fund raiser currently undergoing. Many of my fellow dealers have yet to

chime in, and while I understand the fund raiser is still in it's first

footsteps, I hope we hear from you soon.

I am tired....it is past 3:30 a.m., and I have yet to take in everything

from the last day, but as you know the saying "Time and tide waits on no


In case the hopefully linked photos do not seem work....due to length, you

can check out the images in my photobucket gallery.


Today was the first day they let residents back into Greensburg since the

tornado Friday. In many ways, this was day one of recovery.

Greensburg resident and world famous meteorite hunter, Steve "Brenham"

Arnold arrived in town around 5 p.m., just a hour before the 6 p.m. curfew.

This was only accomplished by making great time into Kansas from his home in

Arkansas. Steve brought with him into Kiowa County, his youngest daughter

Kelsey, and a certain person from Wichita, Kansas. (That would be me.)

After making our way through a couple road stops, as they were directing

traffic completely around the town, we arrived at the real road stop,

complete with a dozen armed National Guardsmen...and a couple attack

helicopters peacefully setting in the background.

I was using Steve's camcorder on the scene while the only Guardsman talking

wrote on our windshield the address we were going to, and the number of

occupants in the yellow Hummer in some type of neon green marker. We were

given directions to only go to the resident.


Steve's house was in the least hit part of town, which before we arrived was

a relief to him. The thought of freely renting the place out to someone in

need, disappeared when we arrived.


The previous days, rescue workers had sanctioned off the town, and marked

the searched homes with paint.....Steve got this marking...


And a neat little orange paper...


The Living Room


The Kitchen


The Laundry Room


Master Bedroom. If someone would have been in this room they would have

lived. Perhaps cut a little by flying glass, but alive.


The Kids Bedroom was in the best shape in the house, notice the air mattress

still inflated.


Photos of Steve searching through the roof, ceiling and insultation mixture,

not a 6-8" sludge over everything.







Neighbors of Steve




And around town photos. After curfew went into effect we left town, but not

before a very quick drive around, as many of the other citizens were also

doing at the time. The police, from all cities and counties in the lower

portion of Kansas, didn't seem to mind and were quite understanding of the

town's citizens needing to see for themselves.

To give a good ideal of the damage, the following photographs were taken

with my camera, while I was using the camcorder....standing through the roof

of Steve's hummer, while we quickly went around what use to be downtown

Greensburg. Meaning, places were not cherry picked for damage, I didn't

even use more then a half thought to choose a target and many times didn't

even really aim at anything.....it was simply like this everywhere.






















A few scenes from Haviland




Clear Skies,

Mark Bostick

Wichita, Kansas


Meteorite-list mailing list



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hi sonny when u use photo bucket pics on the forum, use this code for them to show up.

[as marked with red in the picture]


good luck with the auction.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello All,

Thank you all for being patient while we finalize the raffle details of the "Who" (Who will receive the donations?), the "What" (What am I going to win?), the "Where" (Where's that drawing going to be anyway?) and the "When" (When will I win that set of Mars boxes?).

Who will receive the donations?

After much consideration, research, and talking with Greensburg locals, all funds donated will be given directly to the Haviland State Bank for their "Greensburg Disaster Relief" fund. The Haviland State Bank has assured us that 100% of the funds raised will go to the people who need the money. If you are mailing me a check or money order, you can make it out to me or "Greensburg Disaster Relief". I will fill out raffle tickets for you and send the check or money order to the bank.

What am I going to win?

New items have been added to the list of prizes and you won't believe what you can now win. Check them out and check back soon at http://www.aerolite.org/events/greensburg-raffle.htm. Thank you to all who have so generously donated these incredible prizes. We are gratefully accepting additional donations of meteorites or meteorite-related collectibles for the raffle. Look what you can win:

- A stunning 1,900-gram Brenham pallasite polished slab - a genuine Steve Arnold find from the Brenham Meteorite Company

- Lovely specimens of NWA 869, NWA 3137 (eucrite), NWA 3138 (eucrite)

- Vaca Muerta mesosiderite half stone

- Two Ibitira specimens

- Sikhote-Alin with natural hole

- A cool Campo del Cielo wall clock

- New Sonny Clary finds: Chicago Valley, CA; Coyote Springs, NV; Starvation Flat, NV

- A 1969 edition of Nininger's "A Comet Strikes the Earth"

- 10 copies of Wayne Holmes' Meteorite Hunting DVD

- SAU 001 polished slice

- Hardback copies of "Meteorite Hunter" by Roy Gallant, and "Meteorite Craters" by Kathleen Mark

- A super-rare copy of "Meteorite" magazine number 1 featuring "Tunguska Revisted" by the mighty Roy Gallant

- Etched Gibeon pendant

- Three of those hard-to-find scale cubes that you all want

- Plus all the other goodies that were already up on the site

Where is the raffle drawing going to being held?

The drawing will be held at the 2007 Haviland Meteorite Festival.

When is the drawing?

The Haviland Meteorite Festival is July 7, 2007. Those of you who can make it to the festival will see Mark Bostick and members of the Kansas Meteorite Society. You can check out the festival's website at http://www.havilandkansas.com/id4.html. Those of you who have donated and did not include an email address for us to notify you that you won, please rest assured that any contact information (address, phone number, etc.) you provided is already on your ticket(s). Also, any short messages you have for the residents of Greensburg will also be put on the ticket so that when it is selected your good wishes will be passed along.

We have collected over $3,000 so far. That means that we still have almost 700 (Yes, 700!) more tickets to sell so please get yourself in line for the incredible prizes and buy some tickets. Those of you who donated prior to us working out the raffle details have purchased raffle tickets based upon one ticket per ten dollars donated.

Greensburg has been a "Meteorite Community" for 120 years. Let's show them that we care!

Thank you so very much for your support,


RockGirlsRock :icon_mrgreen:

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Hello Fred & Forumees,

We have collected $3,597.62 (after PayPal fees) so far. That means that only 369 people have a shot at those great raffle prizes. If you haven't checked out the prize page lately, you're gonna want to. Some outstanding items have been added thanks to some very generous meteorite friends.

Speaking of generosity, it is just the coolest thing that everyone has been so supportive of not only this fundraiser but the other collections I've been involved with.

Tickets for the raffle are only $10 each and you won't find prizes like this in any other raffle except one put together by the meteorite community. If you have a few kind words for the residents of Greensburg, include them with your donation. When your ticket is drawn, your thoughts/wishes will be read aloud (Shhh, no one else on the committee knows about this yet!). Please keep it short though because I don't have much room on the ticket.

I understand that the Red Cross pulled out of Greensburg last weekend. Please buy some tickets, make someone's day in Greensburg, and get in line for those prizes. I understand that life happens and not everyone is in a position to give in that way. If you can't donate funds or a meteorite-related item, please send your positive thoughts, prayers, good vibes, or whatever you do towards Greensburg.

Please feel free to contact me with other questions.



Fred - I'm glad you posted because I need your email address. We'd like to contact the winners via email first and you're one of two people I do not have an email address for. Your street address is already on your tickets.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello again Forumees,

Most of you know that because of a conflict with the Haviland Meteorite Festival committee, the drawing was not held as scheduled on July 7. Not to worry though, we have the alternative venue and all of the details worked out and the fundraiser is even better than before. We have more time to sell tickets so we will raise more money for Greensburg and more prizes have been donated so the prize pool is growing as well!

With a lot of help from our gracious hosts, the COMETS (Colorado Meteorite Society), we will hold the drawing during the Denver Gem & Mineral show at their yearly dinner party at 7:00 pm on September 15, 2007 at La Loma Mexican restaurant.

The COMETS will supply some appetizers but you are responsible for your own food and drinks. Come and meet everybody. As soon as everybody has had time to eat dinner and say hello, we will do the Greensburg Raffle.

I will be there during the whole show so if you want to buy more tickets, they'll be available until the very last minute. If you Paypal me at any time on the 15th, please call me. I'll be happy to make sure your tickets get into the drawing.

Those of you who cannot make it to Denver need not worry. If you can't hear us shout your name when we draw your winning ticket, you'll be hearing from us afterwards via email or telephone.

Haven't checked out the prizes lately? Go to http://www.aerolite.org/events/greensburg-fundraiser.htm

We all send our good wishes to the people of Greensburg and thanks to your generous donations, have already presented one check to them. We look forward to giving them another one after the drawing!

Questions, directions, more tickets? Please don't hesitate to email me. Also, during the show I can be reached at (734) 645-6037.

Thanks again for your kindness and support.



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Hello Forumees,

The countdown is on!

Only three days and a few hours before the Greensburg Fundraiser Raffle drawing. Tickets can still be had via Paypal, snail-mail (letters have to reach my house on or before Saturday the 15th), or in Denver until the last minute. You'll be able to recognize a ticket seller roaming Denver because we'll be wearing "IMPACT GREENSBURG" buttons. You can check out some of the prizes up close and personal in Blaine Reed's room at the Holiday Inn - Denver Central, Room 224.

Additional details can be found on the website - http://www.aerolite.org/events/greensburg-fundraiser.htm

Thank you for your support and good luck!



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Maria; I think those that have donated to the cause would be interested in knowing what good thing was done with the money...I would certainly like to know, if possible, something more than the money was given to ???? and they were happy to get it...if those details aren't available I am happy to have helped in some very small way...



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Hi Fred and Forum,

First of all, on behalf of the whole fundraiser committee, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who donated to Greensburg by buying tickets. We raised $12,535 for the people of Greensburg and last Saturday gave away 74 prizes in Denver!

The money will be given to Haviland State Bank, who has been on the ground down there since the tornado hit. The money is earmarked for the people. While it hasn't been decided what they will do with the money for the people of Greensburg, the bank has demonstrated the spirit that they are taking care of their own -- Greensburg -- just like we did with the fundraiser. Who'd have thought that these little space rocks had the power to bring together people from around the world to support a little community in Kansas. Very cool.

I will get back to you when I know more about how they will distribute the money.

Thanks again,


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