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Cabin Creek Meteorite

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Hi Everyone:

Thought I'd post a link to a photo of my favorite meteorite as some of the newcomers may not be aware of it. If I had the money and this were for sale- this is probably the only meteorite I would try to buy. This fell in the 1800's in Arkansas and is on display in the Natural History Museum of Austria.



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Guest meteorite-hunter


you are not the only one who thinks this meteorite looks amazing!

I wonder how much this meteorite would cost.

Did you know it penetrated 3 feet into the ground?

Is the image of the whole stone or are there more pieces to that?

I guess I could look it up! ;-)

With best regards,


check this out:


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Hi Moni:

No expert when it comes to prices , esp on ones like this one but if I had to guess- it would be a minimum of $200,000.

I'm almost certain there's more small pieces that peeled off during reentry. Trying to locate them is a different story. Lots of private property and it's all covered in vegatation so you wouldn't be able to spot them visually like you can in the western states. You could use a metal detector but you have to get permission from the land owners which isn't always easy to do. :twocents:


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