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CA meteorite

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Did about a 4hr hunt today on a dry lake bed in CA. Was lucky enough to find a 3.4 gram piece by sight.

Man you just got to love this hobby.

I think it might be a L, it does not have the pull of a franconia chondrite.

There is still some out there, just have to get out and look. And definitely be willing to get skunked.





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Are you working the northside of the lake or the northeast side?


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Hi Mike,

Nice find! Maybe that little guy has relatives scattered nearby. We too, are trying to wean ourselves from hunting Franconia exclusively. Yes, like you said, one risks getting skunked but, making a new find is well worth the time spent. I think you've proved that. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

Congrats, Ben

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Hey Mike,

Nice fusion crust on that guy. I like the picture on the right; very nice looking. Congratulations on the find!

Side note: Does anyone know the approximate (per gram) value of a dry lake bed meteorite, say an ordinary L chondrite like this one?

Thanks, and good job again Mike,


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Went back out to day for about 5hr, thats all I had time for.

Was able to find 2 more little ones, and I mean little :laught16:

one is .3 grams

and one is .5 grams

still fun.

Bob I am hunting the south side.


Thanks Mike. Give me a call next time you hear that way, I'd like to tag along see if I can learn something. You and Paul are kicking @ss.


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Guest meteorite-hunter

Hi Mike,

a little guy!

But what a beautiful shape.

I like to find individual ones.

That is a great find if you just spotted it.

Great hunting and maybe we run into each other some day!

With best regards,


PS. I love this hobby so much too! :-)

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Man I wish you would get a JOB and quit going out without me lol. Im going to have to jog next time we go so I can get out in front of you and scoop up the rest. Either that or walk right next to you and just bump you out of the way when you see one :laught16: :innocent0002: :innocent0009: Great finds my friend, Ill catch up one way or another :outtahere: :coffeetime: See ya soon


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Way to go Mike! You've been on a roll. Nice spacerock. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I'd pay good money to see you and Paul rolling around on a dry lake bed wrestling over a meteorite. That would be a good laugh.


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