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Presenting my 50mm Gao Sphere

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I just received my 50mm Gao Sphere, it weighs 227 grams.

I traded for the original whole specimen and I didn't think it was big enough to meet my 50mm requirement but the crew at Rare Earth Trading worked their magic and made it happen

There is so much metal in this sphere that it has the most unusual look as you rotate it in your hand, I can't even describe it.

Here's a picture


It might be a while until I add another sphere to shelf, the items on my wanted list have been difficult to find.

If you have some classified material that you think would make a nice sphere send and email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

If you would like to view my entire collection click this:


As some of you might know I also have a collection of 50mm x 50mm square slices. My sphere collection has grown past my expectations so I might be interested in selling these but I don't think I can get their true market value.

You can see them at my web site.

If you go to my web site bear in mind that I did not use photographic tricks to make them look square, each picture is a true representation of each slice.

I cut each one and they are perfectly square and 50mm x 50mm +/- .5mm

If you might be interested in this collection email me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com


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NICE LOOKING, another little planet.....great pic, I know it must be real interesting inperson , to be able to see the details....


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I was just telling another collector that it's a shame that the photographs are not capable of portraying the beauty of these spheres accurately

I'm going to build a quick little display for 10 of my spheres and I will post that picture on Sunday.

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Dave those spheres are down right beautiful................

your proving there's always room for improvement and imagination..............no matter what

the field is...........you've created a fantastic niche in a hobby that will be hard if not impossible

to copy..............good work

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