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Suggested Detector Settings

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Erik (aka Basaltgooro) gave me very good information on how to set up the Minelab Explorer II for out in the strewnfields.

Any other suggestions for the other type of detectors?


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This is for a GMT

Stock Goldmaster twin D coil is as follows.

Auto signal boost------- ON

Manuel ground balance

Gain------- 10 Some ground might require you to crank it down just a little bit.

VSAT------ 10

Audio------- just below the threshold--------------If you prefer some, by all means crank it up. I just don`t like a constant hum

Iron I.D. -----ON

This is also the advice from Jim...Paleface

Works for me every time I go out

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The slower you move your detector (and i mean REALLY SLOW) the more meteorites you will find. Most of the big and easy to find ones have been found so slow down.

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