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Another 50mm Sphere for my Collection

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I just received my 50mm NWA 2828 sphere and I am extremely please with how it turned out.

It has a nice baby blue color and very little brown.

I wear this phase out but once again this picture doesn't do the specimen justice.

I love collecting these but I hate photographing them.


You can see pictures of my entire collection by clicking this: http://home.ec.rr.com/bobadebt/50mil.htm


A by product of having a sphere made is scraps.

My NWA 2828 sphere started out as a 599 gram whole specimen which had a core removed so I was left with a 235 gram whole specimen with a big hole in the center.

Here are 2 pictures.



I don't have any efficient way to process this material so I would like to sell it as a single piece for $500 plus shipping, that's about $2.12 per gram

You could get a lot of slices or 2 good end cuts and 2 real nice thick crusted slices.

There are a lot of ways to process this piece which could be profitable so I'm sure I'm asking a fair price.

If not please let me know

I also have a bunch of fragments ranging form 1 gram up to 9 grams which I will sell for $4 per gram, here is a picture of some of the fragments.


If you are interested in anything please email me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com


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Your new Sphere reminds me of a small moon...fantastic....

Your collection is growing....thanks for shareing with us....

Very impressive

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Did you give this one the same treatment that you gave the NWA869? They are very beautiful and unique. One thing is for certian, you have a one of a kind collection. Oh yea, and a beautiful collection to. I would be proud of it.

Best Wishes,

Joe Kerchner

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No, this sphere is straight off the machine and I don't plan on treating it.

I can't say for sure but I probably have the largest collection of "meteorite" spheres.

Once I receive my Gao I will have a total of 8 different spheres.

I know that some people don't like them but I do and that's all that really matters.

As my collection grows it's going to get a lot harder to find interesting raw material for new spheres.

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I decided to slice up the remaining part of my original specimen.

I used my brick saw and only had 43 grams of cut loss so that's not too bad.

I have a variety of end cuts and slices available for $4 per gram.

If you're interested in a piece, please send and email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

If you don't mind, please include your phone number and I will call you to discuss which piece you're interested in.

Here is a photo to use as a quick reference, that big end cut in the upper left corner weighs 83 grams and the bottom middle slice weighs 14 grams


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