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Wyoming meteorite

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Anybody out there familiar with details concerning a a C4 chrondite meteorite that was found near Waltman, Wyoming prior to 1950?

Many years ago I traded some local material with a Yank in Colorado. The bloke in the States sent me a few slices of meteoritic material that he had in his collection. One of these specimens is from Waltman, Wyoming. The only notes he provided at the time stated that it was from a main mass of 51.5 Kg (or lbs???) and it was found before 1950.

I can't seem to locate any more information on this meteorite. Would anybody here know any history or details concerning the Waltman, Wyoming meteorite?

Here's a couple of photos of the speciman...



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L4 or C4 if u found a piece it would still blow your mind. [sorry for the pun]

Are u going to try to locate the area it fell in? If you end up finding it

can u take alot of pics of your exploration?

Good Luck


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Thanks lads for the help on this.

I was just cleaning the rust and dust up on the old collection and I wanted a bit more info on the Waltman specimen.

Joe, your link was exactly what I was looking for. When I read the info provided I actually came across the name of the bloke that I did the trade with. Terry Schmidt at the Tiara Institute was the fellow that I collected some local material for.

I met Terry while exploring the crater at Odessa, Texas around 35 years ago. I collected some impactite material for him here in Australia which I traded for a few specimens that he had in his collection. We corresponded for several years and then all of a sudden his letters and cards stopped. I recently found out through a chance internet contact that Terry died from a massive heart attack while returning home one night from work at his Tiara observatory.

It's not likely that I'd have the time or money to make it to the Waltman location, but if I stumble on anything of interest here in "Oz" (Australia), I'll post some photos.

Thanks again,



Here's a photo of a "local" I found years ago...


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I have to agree with Joe, that is one heck of a nice specimen and you are one lucky fellow to have found such a piece. Thanks for sharing with us.......


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Jim and Joe,

I found the specimen over thirty years ago in the Port Campbell area of the southern state of Victoria. This area was described by Prof. Geo. Baker in the late 40s. Apart from a bit of natural acid etching (from organics in the soil horizon), tektites from this area are glossey and "fresh" looking. I gave a "half specimen" similar in size and condition to the one picture to the late H.H. Nininger in the 1970s. The one I sent to Nininger was perfectly cleaved in half and naturally etched in such a way that all the internal flow lines were visible. I still have the enthusiastic letter of thanks that Nininger sent me.

The tektites from the Port Campbell region appear to be eroding from the very soil horizon on which they fell. One specimen I found and donated to the University of Melbourne was so thin and fragile that mere rain fall had shattered it into a half dozen fragments as it eroded from a bank along a bush track.

Here a few more photos of some tiny, perfectly formed "bowl" and "plate" shaped tektites from the same region...



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