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  1. Hi Rick, At the last outing you and I talked about your new to you ride, and I showed you the nugget that is my Avatar...….. I guess that I have you to thank for getting me to consider a Polaris for the temporary ride while my Big bear sleeps in it's cave (storage). Hopefully the Polaris is able to do the scouting I had in mind at the time of the last outing. Having to unbury the big bear and move a ton of stuff for a week just to get it out and try to get it running again just to use it for a day or two will be a chore and a half (not to mention having to talk the person who
  2. Hi Bob, I do know the answer to your question. Unfortunately the answer is NO, Arizona titles for an ATV do not have the engine ID # on them. I just got back from titling and off road (OHV) registration of my latest acquisition. Before going to the DMV I jotted down all pertinent information off the old title about who sold it to me. As Rick mentioned the replacement title option is going to be the way for you to go on yours. I have a 2007 Big Bear 400 that has been in storage too long, If I can't locate it's title I will most likely be in for a lot of fun getting a new one. H
  3. Good job boulder dash, sounds like a few people got some gold at the outing.
  4. Well here is a few photo's that I took, Tom, you had to add the photo of the snake...… Just after I felt confident that with Max, Mike F.'s dog roaming around the main camp area that meant no rattlers was around. :( That's bad when you have to put on the snake chaps just to start the camp fire for the night. LOL Good job on the gold, most of us got skunked. Jody B.
  5. Here you go theace, You missed a great event put on by Bill S. and Debbie from minelab (said that she was out of Chicago) with Doc, Rick, and Shep present along with locals like Mike F., and Kevin Hoagland. Here is some of the photo's that I took of the outing.
  6. Hi Rick, It was good meeting you at the outing (good deal on the quad by the way, in my area it would have been about double what you said you got it for.) along with getting to put some faces to sign in names here on the forum. I also added some trash to my collection on Sunday while showing Art and his group from Pennsylvania the area . Shep showed us a neat way to put a practice target in the ground with a minimal amount of disturbance to the ground for depth testing targets. Shep also helped some of the guys running woody's modified GPX's with how to tune the modificatio
  7. Well if you haven't arrived yet, you might want too hurry the place is filling up fast.
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