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  2. Sounds great Greg. Hope you find gold and bag another big walleye. 73, Perry
  3. Hi Chris --- It looks like I will be able to make a partial trip (Tues, Wed and Thurs night), so if it's not too late, and a cabin is still available I would appreciate it. Thanks, Perry
  4. Hello Roger and of course Happy Birthday. Thanks for your leadership and continuous hard work, and occasional pointy finger. Thanks for making me feel welcome a few years back it was sure appreciated. Will always remember our hunts together. Hope to see you before long. --Perry--
  5. Should be able to make it. It will be good to see old friends and meet new ones. Will bring my two tables. :coffeetime: --Perry--
  6. Dates look good to me. Hope I can make both events. Mend quickly Bob. --Perry--
  7. Hello fellow post maker. Have a speedy recovery and enjoy your nice new rig. No more porta potty. Hope to see you before too long. Find some gold and meteorites. --Perry--
  8. Okay, I'm ready to go. Went to Wally World and picked up a gallon of Slime and just finished with the last tire. Also have a CO2 plug kit and a 12 volt compressor just in case. Thanks for all the suggestions, as you can see I used most of them. :bowdown: --Perry--
  9. Thanks all for the advice, I will Slime up before the trip. Rick, will be up at GB next week perhaps you could make a run up that way. And John I'll be a--hole and elbows picking up beer cans from your place. Still looking to find something at GB and will give it a real shot this time. :icon_mrgreen: --Perry--
  10. I'm getting ready to head out to cactus country and was wondering about the groups opinion on the use of (Slime type) tire sealant for the quad. Do you use it before a puncture as a preventative? Or, do you wait until you have a problem and then deal with the individual tire? I have the usual stuff to fix a flat but wanted to find the easiest way out of a possible bad situation. :confused0013: Thanks, Perry
  11. Take care Bob. Get back out when you heal and your body is ready. Follow the Doc's orders and make a quick recovery. See you in the field perhaps in August. In the meantime I expect to "see" you often on the forums as I always enjoy your posts. --Perry--
  12. Oh boy! Watermelon and Oysters. --Perry--
  13. A public thank you to JohnB and Reno Chris for ushering me around the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. What a great experience. It was indeed a case of "Learning from the best". These guys really know their stuff. I was also able to see some of John's contributions to the U of A mineral and gem Museum. Very impressive. John promised the grand tour if you came to the show and he really came through. Go next year if you get the chance. Thanks John for your hospitality and generosity and to you Chris for sharing some of your experience and knowledge. --Perry Foster-- P.S. Also, thanks to Sean in AZ for the dinosaur poo warning.
  14. Check will be in the mail tomorrow. I almost missed this altogether as I seldom look up in the topic area assuming that it is old hat. And, I take a look at the forum almost daily. Perhaps someone could make notice of the raffle in the (lower) forum topics area again. Good luck to all. --Perry--
  15. Hey, I got some of that melon too. That kind of generosity answers a lot of questions. :whoopie: --Perry--
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