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  1. One issue to think about if you are planing for increased platinum demand because of its use in catalytic converters is that catalytic converters may have a limited existence. If we ever make the transition to mostly hydrogen and or electric vehicles then catalytic converters will not be required. I know that it is a BIG if but it is somethng to consider if your time horizon is several years. It looks like we are only 2-4 years away from introduction of this type of vehicle from several manufacturers. There are already some on the road and I am sure more to come. It may be that by the time t
  2. Who is the idiot? The seller or the buyer. These things continue to happen because there always seems to be some nut that buys it.
  3. Yeah but with my luck the person that found my GPS would go to my house and steal my detector. Ken
  4. What is amazing to me is that there is apparently at least one person that responded here that did not realize that this was a SCAM. I guess that is why these things never go away- they must be successful.
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