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  1. Thanks for the birthday wish. all most did not make this one. The doctors had given me three weeks to live when this heart came up a match. So on may 14th I had a new heart and a new lease on life. the donor was a 40 year old male that is all they could tell us.I told my wife I could celibrate two birthdays. She said no that one was enough. Once you hit one year you are considered a survivor. Getting close . thanks for the birthday wish. Thanks , Harvey

  2. Thanks for the birthday wish.Sure wish i could make the march outing. It has been a ruff year last march they gave me two months to live. they put a left ventrical assit pump in my chest. the doctors are putting me on the heart transplant list. I can not travel to far from the hospital. If this workes I will see some of yall next year. Thanks Harvey

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