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  1. My wife and I went out around midnight last night and braved the cold! We could only stand it for about a half an hour, but we saw 38!!! 5 of which were really nice ones...can't wait for tonight and Friday!! ~Kel
  2. Man I wish I could make it to meet all of you guys... :grrr01: I just can't make it this time, but I'm sure there will be another!! If there's anything left out there!! LOL You guys have fun and good luck to you all!!! :whoopie: Take Care, Kel
  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! That was good Rub, that was good!
  4. also for clarity, keep your zoom level all the way back, set your cam to macro (usually a flower symbol) and manually bring your camera closer to it....I've found I get better shots that way rather than zooming in on the subject. My twin coppers!! :twocents: haha ~Kel
  5. Welcome Bob!! this is THE forum to get all of your meteorite hunting needs!!! I got your email and yes we will have to get together and hunt!! I may try Correo again this weekend for a few, but I'm not sure...email me your number and I'll give you a buzz!! ~Kelly
  6. It was kind of a dissapointing display... :angry-smiley-010:
  7. All, Just a reminder that tonight is the last night of the North Taurids "Slow Fireball" meteor shower....here is an image of all of the annual showers, quantity, and best viewing times. I get these every year from the Farmers Almanac website. I believe I read at one point that the times listed are Eastern Standard time so we need to deduct for the Southwest. Just and FYI!!! :twocents: Happy gazing!!! :whoopie: ~Kel
  8. Cool Jason, thanks!! Is it possible to view the nebula through my rinky dink telescope or do you need a super high powered one? I always have a really clear view of Orion every night so I'll have to check it out!! Don't forget, tonight is the last night of the North Taurids meteor shower!!! Slow fireballs!!!! :whoopie: Thanks, ~Kel
  9. WOW Jason!!! Those are incredible images!!! Where on Orion does that nebula exist?? AMAZING!!! ~Kel
  10. Hey, thanks guys for all of your input!! I didn't even think of checkin Autozone Kaimi, thanks for that suggestion...and nice find on your GB Wayne!! I can't wait until I can make a trip out that way...thanks again! ~Kel
  11. Hi all, I was just curious if anyone has used one of these in the field and if it's worth a darn? $7 on ebay doesn't sound to bad, but I'm curious if anyone has had experience with one of these. I attached an old hard drive magnet to the end of a pole and that's what I've been using, but I didn't know if this would be better or worse. Any input is appreciated and thanks in advance. ~Kel :confused0013:
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