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  1. Very nice unique nugget, prettiest nugget I've ever seen congrats
  2. Wow, nice find congrats, thats what I call a Mr. Fister ScottC
  3. The weights are 2.8 dwt, 1 dwt, 1 dwt. The coil is a Platypus All Terrain waterproof mono coil. I'm going back this weekend to find their big brothers. ScottC www.goldfinds.com
  4. Yes. all 3 were found underwater using the Platypus All Terrain waterproof coil for the gp series.
  5. Some nuggets found labor day with GP3500 using a new waterproof coil. I'm very satisfied with the new coil.
  6. I say clean it out, then follow the gold up stream and get the gold that would have redeposited the crevise. ScottC www.goldfinds.com
  7. The Eureka coil is not water proof. That is a big drawback. Its difficult to keep it out of the water in the places I detect. I have tried sealing the coil and it ended up lasting 2 seasons of intense water submerging, then water must have leaked in and I had to replace the coil. I have decided not to submerge the new coil. Instead I'm considering the purchase of a different detector.
  8. The Eureka is a great machine. I have found several decent nuggets before I upgraded to a GP3500. Here is a nice 4 dwt found with Eureka Minelab. http://www.goldfinds.com/index.php?option=...3&Itemid=35 Persistence and a good digging technique are key to finding nuggets. ScottC
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