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  1. Nice going, that 2300 sounds like a bomb of a machine.
  2. Really nice piece you have there Adam, That reminded me of a time, long, long ago, when I was hunting gold at Gold Basin in a patch that had been pounded to death. I got a double blip signal under a bush. That could only mean one or two things. Either a nail or piece of wire. I thought about passing it up but decided to get it out of the way and try under the bush again. Well, the "nail" signal was actually a piece of wire gold, similar to the one you found. Go figure. Congratz,
  3. Greetings PG-Prospecting, I know Slippery Rock Univ. well. I went to Waynesburg College (now a university) Am from Uniontown, PA. Just had to move to Arizona so I could look for gold. Bob
  4. WoW!! I'm impressed. Really nice going. When I first read the heading i thought that you misspelled "Virgin" patch. I was told a long, long time ago, as a geology student in collage, that the Potomac River had gold in it. You must be in the same area. Again, Congratz.
  5. Thanks for the show and tell. I just love seeing gold, I just love holding gold, I just love finding gold. Hell! I just plain love gold. Congrats and well done.
  6. That is what they call a fist full of dollars. oops! Nuggets too. Congrats. Nice going
  7. Thanks to all who saw my posting and a special gratitude for all the kind words from the respondent. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. After viewing this post, I was disappointed in the quality of the pictures shown. They were a little blurry so I took more care and photoed a few more. The new pictures look much more clearer (at least on my computer). We'll see what how the new photos look on this post. Cheers
  8. Greetings, Its a boy! After 2 long days of hard labor, and under a stormy sky, the rebirth from the womb of mother earth finally came. At approx. 3:15 PM local time on Tuesday April 23, 2019 in southern Arizona, it arrived. Weighing in at 1.4 grams, with a pointy head, chunky body and a golden disposition, I decided to name this unique nuggie "Arrowhead" Along with its 2 earlier siblings, I reckon he can officially be called a patch nuggie. The delivery was rather uneventful as the soil blanket that covered him was only a few inches deep. The doctor (me) was extremely surprised due to the fact this "golden boy's" vocal rebirth scream was so loud that a butt ugly lead bullet was expected to be had. Arrowhead is so far the prettiest and heaviest nuggie found thus far with my Gold Monster 1000. Bigger and better ones will surely come to past. As our Australian friends like to say, "Its a Rippah!"
  9. Hi you'all, Heck, I have had the "Monster" for two years now and am still trying to figure it out. I read any blogs and watch any u-tube videos about the gold monster, listening to what other users have learned and try to apply their ideas. I am getting there. I can pretty much tell hot rocks apart from ferric targets (re-training my ears) from my White's gold master 3 days. Lead bullets still sound louder than gold but that may be because it is usually closer to the surface. I heard from a video, that deeper gold can still show ferric on the scale and the best remedy for that is to just dig 2-3 inches of top soil off and the true nature of the target will begin to come through. Yesterday I took my monster for its weekly walk. Went to a small 3 foot wide wash that was very sandy and loaded with black sands. The local bed rock is biotite granite and nuggets have been found up stream (I for one have found one). I set the machine to auto 1 and after 15 to 20 seconds it finally settled down and became quiet. Upon the first bedrock exposure I hit a loud target that showed ferric. I really was curious as to what the target was. About 5-6 inches down I got the target in the scoop and finally on top of the coil. It was a bloody bullet (showing ferric). This was proof to me that highly mineralized ground can and will prevent the gold monster from giving an accurate reading of the target. I dug a lot of bloody lead yesterday and a few pieces of iron (rubbish as the Australians like to say) Yea! I still have that dreaded white stripped critter on my back. Two months of punishment for many years of good days. Cheers, Bob
  10. My reply to boulderdash was simply a tongue-in-cheek comment. about a spur of the moment made up terminology "scientific alchemy" The bottom line is that each and every nugget shooter must learn and master his or her metal detector. Know it up side down, inside out and understand its language and what it is telling you. This only comes from hundreds of hours in the field, digging trash, trash and more trash. Finally a nugget will be found and you will understand what nugget shooting is all about. cheers
  11. Wow!!! what a find. That Dahlonega gold coin is the rarest of the 1852's minted. The price range is anywhere between $800.00 to $8,000.00 depending on condition. Congratz.
  12. Hey LowPoint, That is too funny. I found a nice 6 gm. specy of gold and quartz up on a hill many years ago. Decided to hit that area last Friday with the new Gold Monster. I hunted down slope from where the specy was found. Then went up slope and found where the quartz came from. Followed the quartz float all afternoon and came away with not even a speck of gold (nugget or in quartz). I know the area wasn't covered by other detectors because I came away with a hand full of lead bullets and some 10 pieces of bird shot. I kept asking out loud, "gold, where the h--l are you?" Still scratching my head as to why only one nice specy. Will give it one more try some day soon. Bob
  13. Chet, Thank you for the message, however I can't find how to reply through the message application. Bob
  14. Thanks Chet, you are a life saver. I am so done with the Monster headphones. You have my order right now. Just tell us where and when to send the money. Bob
  15. Well now, seeing surface gold is a different story. I recant my original crush suggestion. Try getting the best specific gravity evaluation first and put the electric to it for continuity before you make any decision. A friend of mine has a 48 pound (no kidding) piece of quartz with gold exposed on the surface. He can not decide what to do with it. I guess he is in the wait and see mode.
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