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  1. Very Interesting indeed! It appears that the 1/2 gram nugget is the break even point between the two coils. The small coil wins with the lesser weight nuggets and the big coil for the larger nuggets. Most of the time I use AUTO 1 because the ground in many cases is just too noisy for Auto 2. I do switch back and forth as the ground allows but now I know to try to stay in auto 2 as much as possible. Still use the big coil for patch hunting though. Can't cover much ground with the 5" coil Anyways, great effort and thank you for this important work. Bob
  2. Hey Mike, Congrads. on your nuggie. I too have a birthday on Groundhogs Day and I tried like hell for some 6 hours to find my birthday nugget. All I managed was a birthday skunk. Going to try again tomorrow. This still is the same week so it should count. Wish me luck! Bob
  3. There is a lot of political and economic uncertainty in the world today. I'm reading that a lot of people in foreign countries are already building up their purchases of gold and silver, for fear of uncertain times. Central Banks of foreign nations are also building up their inventory of gold. The Russian and Chinese governments have been purchasing gold hand over fist for many years now. What do they know that the average citizen doesn't? It will take a lot more time for the citizens of the USA to get their heads out of the sand and start purchasing their share. When this finally happens, physical gold will become scarcer and scarcer, then more and more people will begin to or try to buy it. The price will go into the stratosphere. Hedge fund managers are already encouraging it for portfolios. Personally, I am keeping my precious metals as a "rainy day" fund. When the crap hits the fan, I will be good. Remember this Golden Rule: " He who has the gold, makes the rules." Cheers,
  4. Ah, to be young again. I did 3 hours of yard work this morning here in Tucson and was totally trashed. Nice gold by the way. congratz
  5. Hey Adam, In your other post of Theace 115, you said that you always find it hard to get gold nuggets. Sorry man! You make it look too easy. Nice looking "not very easy gold" Congratz!
  6. Hey Guys, After watching your videos of finding all those pickers I got to wondering. Have you taken any of that dirt you are digging out of those cracks and crevices home to pan???? You could be leaving behind lots of fine gold. If I were you, I would check out that dirt. Just a thought. Cheers
  7. Nice going you guys. It looks like you had a gonga of a weekend. Enjoyed watching your videos. Just love seeing other people finding gold nuggies. It is mighty nice to see the younger generation getting in to the prospecting game and doing pretty well at it too, I might add. It would have been nice for us old guard guys to have had the fancy metal detectors available to us back in the day. I remember starting out with an old BFO type metal detector. Good for coins but not much else. Congratz
  8. Nice going, that 2300 sounds like a bomb of a machine.
  9. Really nice piece you have there Adam, That reminded me of a time, long, long ago, when I was hunting gold at Gold Basin in a patch that had been pounded to death. I got a double blip signal under a bush. That could only mean one or two things. Either a nail or piece of wire. I thought about passing it up but decided to get it out of the way and try under the bush again. Well, the "nail" signal was actually a piece of wire gold, similar to the one you found. Go figure. Congratz,
  10. Greetings PG-Prospecting, I know Slippery Rock Univ. well. I went to Waynesburg College (now a university) Am from Uniontown, PA. Just had to move to Arizona so I could look for gold. Bob
  11. WoW!! I'm impressed. Really nice going. When I first read the heading i thought that you misspelled "Virgin" patch. I was told a long, long time ago, as a geology student in collage, that the Potomac River had gold in it. You must be in the same area. Again, Congratz.
  12. Thanks for the show and tell. I just love seeing gold, I just love holding gold, I just love finding gold. Hell! I just plain love gold. Congrats and well done.
  13. That is what they call a fist full of dollars. oops! Nuggets too. Congrats. Nice going
  14. Thanks to all who saw my posting and a special gratitude for all the kind words from the respondent. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. After viewing this post, I was disappointed in the quality of the pictures shown. They were a little blurry so I took more care and photoed a few more. The new pictures look much more clearer (at least on my computer). We'll see what how the new photos look on this post. Cheers
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