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  1. Idrissleroy I would not hesitate to buy from Kellyco they have been in business for 56 years if they were ripping people off I am pretty sure they would be out of business. If you are concerned about the shipping quote from Kellyco ask them again. You should be able to use your visa card. I would call visa and let them know that you want to make a purchase outside of your country there really should be a problem. If you know someone here in the USA that you trust ask them to buy it then ship it to you. Any way Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the link. I love that stuff. Rich
  3. Sad news indeed. If you never met Bob you missed out on one hell of a man. Rest in peace you deserve it. Rich
  4. Those stories never get old. Rich
  5. 1Sgt here are some free books that will point you in the right direction. BOOKS I don't know of any clubs in yuma I am sure there are some. Good luck. Rich
  6. Hi Frank nice story and cangrats on the gold. Next time give her a crash coarse on the dry washer Rich
  7. Glad you guys had a good time. I poked around the show alittle today myself. More then likly again tomorrow after work. Rich
  8. A simple Litz Wire search will give you plenty of reading material.
  9. Very nice indeed. Those 1 ozer rings look awesome. One day........ Rich
  10. Woody is doing mods says he can get the GP series detectors including the GPX 4500 to closely match the GPX 5000 series detectors. Rich
  11. What is a 3500IJ? Modified 3500 from Ismael? If so when did you get this done? Nice finds by the way. Rich
  12. Wow some you guys really got screwed sorry to hear that. I have been using Ebay for the last 9 to 10 years never had an issue made thousands of dollars over the years, I also use craigslist alot also. I do prefer Craigslist over ebay since it is local and Cash only. Jim I hope you took that jerk to small claims court to get your money back. Rich
  13. While taking advantage of a slow day at work I came across this on another site. This really sucks. AZ Dept of Mines Rich
  14. Here is the link. Free Contest Rich
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