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  1. Steve, We used to drywash at the bottom of 6 Mile Canyon. It is a lot of work for a few colors. Now there is a small cut at the bottom of Gold Canyon that you can drywash and find gold. If you run 6 to 12 buckets you should find a few grains of weight when you clean up. Section 22 is claimed. The spot is in section 23 and I think it is part of Dayton town limits. That should be double checked before digging. Majuba Tom
  2. I will see if I can make it. I might only be able to do 1 or 2 days. I will not know for sure untill the 18th. I might have to work that weekend. Majuba Tom
  3. Steve, I went back in the fall and detected the area on the way in that has some crystals and all of that shist. It was fun detecting the area. It looked real good but there were no nuggets that wanted to come home with me. After I was done detecting I went up and checked the spot out and some one did a test cut through the quarts. If you do go back I would take a screen to go through the piles that we were picking crystals out of. Let me know if you plan on heading back and I will see if I can get away. Regards, Majuba Tom
  4. Good to see that you decided to join the group Steve. Be looking forward to seeing you again this year. Majuba Tom
  5. Wow what a read! Roger I just want to say thankyou for all you have done and I am glad you are still going to stay on as Secretary. Also I want to thank everyone that has offered to help Roger. Regards. Majuba Tom
  6. The number I have for Newmont is to a Tom Roesch 303-837-5775. I was directed to him from the Reno office for any land questions. I never did talk to him however he did respond in a few days after I left him a voice message. I was checking on the best patch I know of by the Golden Eagle mine. Some might now the patch as The Big Easy. Here is the location if any wants to look and drool. T 35 N, R 34 E section 11. (The guys from the Golden Eagle set up no detecting signs and were also running people off from what I heard.) The responce was "We have minerals leased from Nevada Land And Resource
  7. O'29er, That is the only bad spot and it is at the apple orchard in Spring Valley not far from the claim. Just a quick little note about the apple orchard. Apple Orchard through me off when we first got there because it is small (I was looking for some thing bigger ). It is a few apple trees and some cotton woods. Lots of nice shade though. Average temps once you get in to July is High 90's to 100's. You are right there is alot of piles that need to be detected. Almost no dig holes in the area but plenty of old trash. Drywashin looks like it would be good in the cuts. One of the cuts was ar
  8. They sound like good people. It would be nice to try that area out some time and it is real nice to know that they would let us give it a shot. :icon_mrgreen: Thanks for the information Dakota. Regards, Majuba Tom
  9. I will try to save some Vacation time for that and rathole some gas money. Majuba Tom
  10. I will also be able to help Reno Chris and Sabra Jim here in Nevada. :icon_mrgreen: Majuba Tom
  11. Welcome Chris I am glad to see another member from Northern Nevada In the mix. :icon_mrgreen: Majuba Tom
  12. Thanks! I did find it I was just blind :-). It worked just find.
  13. Ok I am just blind :shrug: I can't seem to find the link to the chat room. :comp: Majuba Tom
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