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  1. change e-mail TheEmeraldSea@aol.com

    1. nighthawk


      I'm having a hard time changing my e-mail address. My new e-mail address is TheEmeraldSea@aol.com

  2. Very nice find and good size as well. Congratulations to you and family. Awesome.... And yes, I'm certain that the first photo's are of a meteorite... Jim "bones"
  3. It was truly an awesome time. Good seeing everyone. I only found two pieces, totalling 50. grams, but better than getting skunked...
  4. Awesome finds Terry, best wishes, jim "bones"
  5. Way to go Jason and Dave. Those are some nice finds.... jim "bones"
  6. Hi Frank, let me know the dates, etc. Also, when's the dates for Gold Basin ??? I've never hunted there. I also want to do Holbrook. I'll post dates when I get close. A week or two early... best wishes, jim "bones"
  7. Sweet find Frank. I was out in Franconia on Friday and Saturday (23rd & 24th) No luck. The temp's were up around 105 degree's so I left and came home. Hope to go back next month and/or Oct. Also want to hit Holbrook. Nate also want's to head up that way. Please let me know of any group get to gether's. Being around other hunter's is just as much fun.... jim "bones"
  8. Sounds like a great trip. I need to run up that way sometime... happy hunting, jim "bones"
  9. Welcome aboard Jim, happy hunting... jim "bones" :ph34r2:
  10. sweet... I need to get back there... jim "bones"
  11. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yep, she's a beauty... I'm looking at her as I type this out ;o) I'll be in Franconia on the 3rd for a few day's, jim "bones" :ph34r2:
  12. Very cool.... nice finds.... Great video work.... jim "bones"
  13. Hi Jim, welcome aboard. You'll like the folk's here on the forum. Good bunch of people. Best to you in the New Year, happy hunting, jim "bones" :ninja:
  14. Never met a Man I didn't like. I guess that make's you all my friends... ;o)

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